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    "It Chapter Two" Has A Final Trailer And I'd Like For It To Float The Heck Away From Me, Please

    One, two, Penny's coming for you... Oh wait, wrong movie.

    Back in May, we received our first look at the highly anticipated sequel to the highest-grossing horror film of all time, 2017's It.

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    And, while the wait for this film has felt longer than the freakin' book it's based on, the good news is that it's almost here!

    Warner Bros.

    A fact further illustrated today when we received the FINAL trailer and, HOLY GUTTER CLOWNS, it looks like genuine nightmare fuel:

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    To describe the plot of this sequel quickly: Pennywise is awake and HUNGRY FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND ALSO REVENGE.

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    Footage of Pennywise doing his best Lickitung impression.

    That's right! After falling back down into the gutter from whence he came, everyone's least favorite thing to see alone at night has returned to terrorize the town of Derry, Maine, after 27 full years.

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    And those 27 full years gave our heroes plenty of time to grow up and also grow apart; however, they must reunite to finish off the supernatural birthday party nightmare once and for all.

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    Also, why does Pennywise sound like that ex we all have who hasn't seen you in forever, but still texts you about how much they miss you every few years for some reason???

    Warner Bros.

    It's a funny coincidence because that ex is ALSO a clown.

    Naturally, fans are pretty freakin' pumped regarding this absolutely horrifying new trailer:

    And they also have some A+ jokes, if I do say so myself:

    Why didn’t Professor Xavier just stop It with his mind? #ITChapter2

    But — most importantly — Pennywise's creepy as all heck giggle is already wildly memeable AND nightmare-inducing. Thanks, Twitter:

    no one: me in my room in the dark at 4am thinking of something funny: #ITChapter2

    In short, the wait is FINALLY almost over. So, if you dare, be sure to catch It Chapter Two when it ~floats~ into theaters Sept. 6!

    Warner Bros.

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