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    22 Cheat Codes You Can Use In Everyday Life To Improve Yourself And Your Relationships

    "It's nice to be cool, but it's much cooler to be nice."

    A while back, we took a look at some cheat codes for everyday life shared by some genius Reddit users. These brilliant thoughts sparked even more responses from our BuzzFeed Community that were just as marvelous! Here are just a few of the very best:

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    1. "If you're at an event with someone and another person approaches whose name you can't remember, greet them with an enthusiastic "Hi, how are you? This is my friend (insert friend's name)." The other person will then say their name to your friend, saving you the embarrassment of not remembering their name. I've been doing this for YEARS at events and it's always saved me."

    Nick Rego

    2. "It's nice to be cool, but it's much cooler to be nice."


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    3. "Reward yourself when studying. For every 10 words you memorize, you get a Hershey kiss. For every hour you study, you spend 30 minutes relaxing."


    4. "Instead of asking someone what they do for work, ask them what they enjoy doing most."

    Amber Wilson

    5. "My sister uses this one: Ask 'are you lying?' instead of outright accusing someone of lying. It makes the real liars squirm."

    Kimberly Stone


    6. "Praise good service and acknowledge when someone in a service industry has helped you, especially in small businesses. People in the service industry put their heart and soul into their work, and it does keep us going through the hard times!"

    Anna King

    7. "Always eat BEFORE you go grocery shopping, especially if you have kids."

    Maynard Omar Mendoza

    8. "When applicable, ask people outright how to pronounce their name correctly. Taking the slight effort to get someone's name right will make them like you instantly."

    Brittany Anne-Marie

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    9. "This mostly works for younger humans or older humans with baby faces: If you’re in a large crowd and can't get through, just start shouting 'MOM?!' People will part like the red sea."

    McKenzie Smith

    10. "Use the five-second rule when it comes to pointing out a flaw in someone's appearance. I.E.: Only mention a flaw if it can be fixed in five seconds or less, like sauce on their face or a piece of food in their teeth."

    Fiona Maddison

    11. "Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut."

    Jo Novembrino


    12. "Instead of saying 'Nice (insert item)' as a compliment, change it to 'I like your (Insert item).' It sounds less sarcastic. 'Nice boots' sounds better as 'I like your boots.' This almost always gets a positive reaction."

    Patty Smith

    13. "You can get a group of young kids to stop being loud by whispering to them. I am a preschool teacher and it's fun to pull this trick out every now and then. If we're sitting together on the carpet doing a lesson, I'll whisper, 'Can I tell you all something?' or 'Guess what?' and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the kids will quiet down and whisper back, 'What?!'

    Kayla Groth

    14. "When you need someone to do something for you, ask people 'for help,' rather than for 'a favor.' It's much more effective than just directing people to do things."

    Samantha Hardie


    15. "In a work environment, INSTEAD of saying 'I assume/assumed' say 'my understanding is/was.' This simple change has been a game changer for tricky clients."


    16. "For minor inconveniences (like when you're a few minutes late to a meeting), instead of apologizing, thank them for waiting. It's more positive for both parties, and makes them feel appreciated."


    17. "A middle school science teacher’s piece of advice was to me was: 'Anything is possible if you’re willing to suffer the consequences.' It’s a simple phrase that I’ve carried with me for nearly two decades."


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    18. "Don't ask your teachers or bosses what you 'did wrong,' instead, ask how you can 'improve for next time.' This way they tell you EXACTLY what they are looking for, but don't feel like you're questioning their choices."


    19. "Wearing headphones, even when you're not listening to anything, keeps people away."

    Laura Williams

    20. "Still set your alarm on your day off. When it goes off, one of two things will happen: Either you’ll get up earlier than you planned and get more done than you would have otherwise, or you’ll turn the alarm off, roll over, and have the best sleep you’ll have all week."

    Jay Freeman


    21. "If someone is struggling to make a decision between two things (where to eat, what color sweater to get, etc.) choose one for them, then gauge their reaction. If they’re excited, that’s the one they wanted and the decision is made. If they’re disappointed, they really wanted the other one and again, the decision is made. Works every time."


    22. "I learned this from my little brother: If you tell people you’ve 'never tried' something (even if it's not true), whether it be food or drink, they’ll almost always offer you some."

    Jenny Lucke

    Now it's your turn! Drop your best IRL cheat code knowledge in the comments below!

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    Some thread entries have been edited for length or clarity.

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