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    18 Illogical Toddler Breakdown Stories, As Told By Their Poor Parents

    ''My child recently cried because her sister 'stole her air.'"

    Though I may not personally have children I am, in fact, a giant child myself. So when I'm in a supermarket or on an airplane and I see a child throwing an out-of-control tantrum about something illogical, I'm usually like...honestly, same.

    So this week when Reddit user Someone_Somewhere1 asked, "Redditors with toddlers, what’s the most recent illogical breakdown they’ve had?" I was like yeah this is weird but...I mean, I can see how they got there.

    Anyway, here are some of the absolute WILDEST emotional breakdowns these poor parents have witnessed recently:

    1. "One of my children threw a fit because my other child flushed her pee down the toilet, then a fight broke out over whose pee it REALLY was and who should have flushed it."


    2. "He felt 'bad' because he couldn't marry the cat. We asked him why and he said, 'Because she can't dance at the wedding and she would get stepped on.' He was really upset."


    3. "I took my son camping. We were taking a hike and he just started pointing at something and SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF. It was a pine cone. He was terrified of it. Then every other one he saw, he would flip out."


    4. "I (slowly) walked up the stairs with my son trailing behind me. I heard him wailing when I reached the top. I turned around to see him full-blown sobbing face-down on the stairs. Unbeknownst to me, we had been racing and I won."


    5. "We are currently trying to teach our son to be polite, so when he asked for a snack we delivered the classic, 'Whats the magic word?' Cue a full-scale meltdown over the fact that he misheard us and we couldn't provide him with a 'magic bird.'"


    6. "My daughter cried because she couldn’t wear her red shoes. My wife gave in and put them on her. My daughter then threw an absolute fit because she was wearing red shoes."


    7. "One of my friend's kids had a meltdown because she hadn't eaten her ice cream yet. Not that she COULDN'T eat it. She could. It was right in front of her; it was her dessert. But the fact that she had to go through the process of eating the ice cream in order to get to the end point of having EATEN the ice cream seemed intolerable to her."


    8. "Her brother bought her chocolate because she wanted chocolate, but she objected to the fact her brother was being nice to her."


    9. "I took my son to the park and he slid down the slide, then threw the mother of all hissy fits. He literally began kicking the slide. I kneeled down and asked him why he was upset. His response? 'I hate it! It's too fun!'"


    10. "My niece is two years old and recently I picked her up in her rocking horse and 'flew' her around the room. She loved it and kept yelling 'up!' I made that horse fly around until my arms couldn't handle it anymore. Apparently, since I left, she's been randomly yelling 'up' and then crying/screaming when she doesn't get flown around. Sorry, everyone."


    11. "My daughter got put in timeout for hitting her baby sister. She did perfectly fine through the whole thing, but when I told her she was all done, she collapsed on the ground crying. Why, you ask? She wanted more time out."


    12. "When my little sister was a toddler she would throw the biggest tantrum if we didn't get pepperoni pizza. She ALWAYS took the pepperoni off the pizza and would put them aside, but if you dared order a cheese pizza, she would lose her darn mind."


    13. "He couldn't believe that Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph was ignoring him when he was trying to talk to Ralph through the TV."


    14. "My toddler dropped her fry on the floor, so I picked it up, threw it away, and went to hand her the container to get another fry. Cue the screams. She ran over to the trash because it didn't matter that there was a whole container full of fries; she wanted THAT fry."


    15. "My son loves dinosaurs. Talks about them all the time and watches nothing but dinosaur stuff. He's a little over two, so I figured it was safe to show him my Amiibo collection. He was amazed by Mario, Luigi, Peach, Pikachu, Donkey Kong. We get to Yoshi, he becomes terrified, starts crying, and tries to run away...from YOSHI!"


    16. ''My child recently cried because her sister 'stole her air.'"


    17. "I took my three-year-old daughter to a restaurant and she got pissed that MY hamburger had an egg on it, and said she 'didn't want to eat it.' The thing is, I hadn't even offered it to her. She wouldn't even touch her own food and did not calm down until I finished eating it."


    18. "We refer to my son’s 'naps' as 'rests.' On Easter, he got some bubbles and was saying how excited he was to play with them after his 'rest.' He asked me if I wanted to play with them too, and I made the deadly mistake of saying, “Yup, after your nap!' He. Lost. It. He was crying and screaming about how he wanted to do it after his 'rest,' not his 'nap.'"


    So now it's your turn! Can you top these tales? What's the most illogical breakdown a toddler in your life has had recently? Share your story in the comments below!