14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have At Least One Slytherin Friend

    Ambitious, cunning, and...a ride or die.

    Look, I get it, you think ~all Slytherins are evil~, and that's totally fine.

    But, as a proud Slytherin myself, I know that those generalizations overshadow the TRUE nature of the house, and just how awesome some Slytherins are.

    So here are 14 reasons why everyone, no matter their house, should have at least ONE Slytherin in their circle:

    1. A Slytherin will tell you to take time for yourself, and not waste your time on others who don't deserve it.

    2. A Slytherin will be unafraid to call you out on your bullshit, and hold you accountable for your actions.

    3. A Slytherin will be the one there at one a.m. after your terrible break-up with a bottle of vodka and a box of Oreos to tell you you're better than them.

    4. And, even when you're in a relationship, a Slytherin will be the first one to remind you to "dump 'em" if they forget what a prize you are.


    5. A Slytherin will make sure you get all of your work done and then some.

    6. Because a Slytherin knows just how far your ambition can take you, and wants you to dream as big as possible.

    7. But, at the same time, a Slytherin will encourage you to have as much fun as humanly possible...and be pretty pissed if you're not down.

    8. And a Slytherin will always make you laugh with their dry, sarcastic, (kind of) mean sense of humor.

    9. A Slytherin will push you to be the best, most unforgiving version of yourself, because they sure as heck are.

    10. A Slytherin will hate who you hate without question, and love who you love without hesitation.

    11. A Slytherin will defend your honor with their cunning wit and charm.

    12. Because a Slytherin can talk their way out of anything, so it's always good to have one on the team.

    13. A Slytherin will always be there to aggressively remind you of your self-worth, even when you think you're worth nothing.

    14. And, of course, a Slytherin will push you a little closer to the edge, and test your rebellious limits.

    So go out and find yourself a Slytherin to chill with! Trust me, we can be pretty cool.