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    17 More "If 2020 Was A..." Tweets That Expertly Capture How Ridiculous 2020 Has Been

    2020: The broken fingernail of years.

    So...uh...2020's been kind of a whole-ass dumpster fire, huh? And it's STILL (somehow) only May.

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    Well — a little while back — we took a look at some expert analogies created by brilliant Twitter users who tried their best to compare this year to some equally-ridiculous things, and they were all A+.


    So here are just a few more of the absolute best "If 2020 was a..." analogy tweets to make you giggle during this very not-giggly time:

    1. If 2020 were a Harry Potter character...I think we all know who it'd be:

    2. And if 2020 were a drink you could order at a bar? YUCK:

    If 2020 was a drink it would be vodka and coke

    3. And don't even THINK about trying to pour liquid 2020 from one cup to another:

    4. If 2020 was a lighter, it'd be under a buck for a reason:

    5. And if 2020 was an Oscar-winning film scene, it'd give you chaotic nightmares:

    6. This vision of 2020 as a nonalcoholic beverage cannot be beat:

    If 2020 was a drink, it would be unsweet tea with no ice and a couple lemon seeds at the bottom of the cup

    7. And 2020 for sure wouldn't know geography if it was on a popular Netflix reality show:

    if 2020 was a person: #TooHotToHandle

    8. 2020's name for sure starts with a consonant:

    ‘If 2020 was a person, their name would begin with J’

    9. And is served on a steamed bun with tartar sauce:

    If 2020 was a mcdonalds item it’d be this for sure

    10. 2020 is all of our first foray into drugstore makeup:

    11. And it's also the most disturbing of SpongeBob episodes:

    if 2020 was a spongebob episode

    12. Zach Braff came up with a music fest to compare 2020 to:

    2020: if the Fyre Festival was a year.

    13. And this person knows 2020 is everyone's least favorite candy:

    14. 2020 as a Lay's chip flavor would be this vomit-inducing monstrosity:

    15. And this god awful first hand:

    16. If 2020 were a couple it'd be...this couple:

    17. Finally, if 2020 were a video game, it'd be this impossible level:

    You can check out more of these silly "If 2020 was a..." tweets here, and — if you like what you see — be sure to click through and follow your favorites to make your Twitter timeline a more fun place to be!