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    20 Reasons Why "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" With Jim Carrey Is The Best Holiday Movie Ever

    And if you don't agree, I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU LIKE A FISH.

    Happy holidays, friends! It's time for yet another episode of everyone's favorite(?) post series, "BuzzFeed Editor Allie Rides Way Too Hard for a 20-Year-Old Movie, Unprompted, and for Absolutely No Reason!"

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    Check out the other posts in this completely unsanctioned series, including The Mummy, Ever After, Hook, and Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

    But today's entry is pretty timely, considering the film in question is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month! That's right! It's time we all talked about the live-action version of the animated classic, 2000's How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

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    So, allow me to passionately express why I, personally, believe How the Grinch Stole Christmas deserves more credit for being an incredible holiday movie:

    1. First things first: Jim Carrey is perfection. This performance was Oscar-worthy. No notes. He had literally zero reason to go this hard...but he did. He did FOR US.

    2. His heavy makeup and costuming were NIGHTMARISH. He once described the feeling of getting into it as "being buried alive," and it got to the point where he had to undergo CIA torture training just to get through it. That's NOT a joke.

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    3. And — even through all that heavy makeup — like 90% of the performance was still just him being wildly talented, and a display of his untouchable physical acting.

    4. Also, my old age...his interpretation of "the Grinch" as a character is just obscenely relatable?

    5. Literally me in a department store at any given time from October to January:

    6. Also, literally me after my friends have guilted me into going to a social event I wanted to avoid:

    7. Literally me trying to find something to wear on, like, a Tuesday:

    8. You get it...Jim Carrey's Grinch is, somehow, all of us:

    9. Also, like, this movie's humor was positively OUT THERE. It harvested a chaotic energy that's rarely been duplicated.

    10. It was basically Deadpool for babies, with some holiday spice thrown in:

    11. How! Did! This! Get! Approved! For! Release! Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful, but I still want to know!

    12. Like, I can't stress enough, this movie was rated PG:

    13. Plus, this "echo" bit still makes me die laughing 20 years later and I'm a grown-ass adult:

    14. Still, Jim Carrey wasn't the ONLY one giving an iconic performance in this film. We really can't talk about "doin' the most" without acknowledging Christine Baranski's performance as Martha May Whovier.

    15. She served LOOKS the entire movie. This costume and makeup department was genuinely god tier.

    16. Also, the character's huge, random crush on the Grinch was hilariously portrayed, and it helped to make the movie THAT MUCH weirder.

    17. Seriously, this movie was...pretty horny for a kids movie. Yeah, I'll say it. It was a horny movie. A horny kids Christmas movie.

    18. But it's not ALL laughs (just mostly). This film actually has a really wonderful heart at the center of it. After all, at its core, it's about accepting others for who they are, and learning that "Christmas" isn't supposed to be about gifts, but togetherness and community.

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    20. So, uh, yeah. That's it. I just really love this movie and think it deserves a lot more credit than it got when it was first released. It's hilarious and has aged like a fine who-hash.

    And — as luck would have it — you can actually stream it right now, this very second, on Netflix! Happy holidays to you and yours! "Fahoo fores, dahoo dores" and whatnot!

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