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What's A Horror Movie So Scary, You Couldn't Watch It To The End?

"LOL this movie isn't scary." — Me to myself as I change the channel and turn on every light in my home.

Look, no matter how much you may love horror films, even the most initiated among us have one (or 20) films we just can't sit through because they're TOO SCARY.

So what's a horror movie SO TERRIFYING you couldn't make it to the end?

Maybe a classic like The Exorcist had you running for the remote TO TURN OFF THE TV.

Or maybe something gorier, like SAW, had you walking out of the theater before the end feeling ~queasy~.

Heck, maybe the movie wasn't gory at all, but was a psychological horror like The Conjuring that gave you nightmares before the third act even started.

Share which horror movie was too scary for you to finish and why in the dropbox below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!