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    15 Little Details In Horror Movies That Are So Clever, It's Scary

    "In Final Destination (2000), the opening scenes contain several shots that foreshadow many of the characters' deaths."

    There's no subreddit I love more than r/MovieDetails*, and I'm not just saying that because I've unfortunately chosen to make loving movies my whole personality on this website.

    And, if y'all know anything about me, you know I also specifically love horror movies. A lot. One (read: a therapist) might say too much. That's right, I have two whole personality traits and THAT'S IT.

    So, with this in mind, I decided to round-up some of my personal favorite horror movie specific details, Easter eggs, and behind-the-scenes things from r/MovieDetails for your viewing pleasure!

    Ready? I hope so! Here we go:

    1. Kicking the list off with a well-spotted Easter egg by Redditor u/Corndogeveryday, you can see a direct nod to the truly infamous third film in the Halloween franchise in the background of the 2018 series reboot/re-quel.

    Universal Studios

    For those who've never had the pleasure(?) of watching Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the story revolves around — strap in — a shady corporation selling Halloween masks that straight-up kill the children wearing let's hope the ones in the 2018 film are just meant to be a fun coincidence and not the actual masks themselves!

    Three children, one in a witch mask, one in a skeleton mask, and one in a pumpkin mask

    Also, unrelated, but related: my personal favorite one of the three is the pumpkin mask. It's hilarious. It has the least detail and looks like the murderous makers gave up halfway through designing it — which, relatable. Give us nothing, pumpkin!

    A small child wearing a melting pumpkin mask

    2. Redditor u/quantum_entanglement, who is clearly a fan of fonts, made this incredible connection, noting that the font used in the opening title sequence of American Psycho is the same font on Paul Allen's coveted business card: Copperplate Gothic.

    Lions Gate Studios

    While you're likely already familiar with the memed-to-high-heck scene, for those not in the know: Christian Bale's serial killing Patrick Bateman is obsessed with all things luxury and is all but orgasmic when he's faced with Paul Allen's (Jared Leto) beautiful new business card. My god, it even has a watermark!

    View this video on YouTube

    Lions Gate Films / Via

    Also, as an added bonus fun fact in another hilariously odd detail in the film, the word "Acquisitions" is inexplicably misspelled on not only Paul Allen's card, but every other business card shown in the film. A mistake by the prop department or a meta-commentary on how these men only care about their outward appearances and not actual substance? Who knows for sure!

    the business card with the misspelled word underlined

    3. In an example of expert foreshadowing, Redditor u/danthaman15 noticed that a lot of the terrifying (but, let's be honest, iconic) deaths in Final Destination were hinted at in the very first moments of the film.

    New Line Cinema

    Tod (Chad Donella) is nearly choked to death by his headphones on the plane while rushing to exit, only to later be choked to death for real in his own shower.

    A man stands on a plane with headphones stuck around his neck

    While watching the plane leave through the airport window, we see the shadow of the aircraft cut across the top half of Billy's (Sean William Scott) head. Later, Billy is killed when a metal shard is flung from a train and cuts his head clean in half in the same formation.

    A man looks out a window while the reflection of a plane cuts across his face

    And, of course, Terry (Amanda Detmer) is seen standing in front of an ad for a bus. A little later on, she's hit by a bus in the number one jump scare in the film (if you ask me, anyway)!

    A woman stands in front of an ad for a bus

    4. In a bit of creative inception, Redditor u/EndTheMadnessPls spotted a delightful Easter egg in the form of a Clive Barker book cameo in the 2021 Candyman remake.

    Universal Pictures

    During the scene at the laundromat, William (Colman Domingo) can be seen reading a paperback copy of Weaveworld, a dark fantasy novel written by Barker.

    The cover of Weaveworld

    Barker is horror royalty, having not only written the short story that Candyman is based on, but also writing the Hellraiser series! Here he is with the squad:

    Clive Barker on the set of Hellraiser

    5. And Redditor u/gabagool42 spotted a little detail that would've saved the characters a whole lot of time and anguish in The Conjuring 2 had they noticed it themselves.

    New Line Cinema

    The plot of this sequel revolves around the Warren's coming to the aid of a single mother who's experiencing a demonic presence. They realize that the only way to contain the demon is to say the demon's name, but it takes the length of the film for them to discover the entity's true moniker.

    two of the characters in a room

    However, you can actually see the demon's full name, "Valak," spelled out on the bookshelf behind Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) at one point!

    A woman sits next to a bookshelf with letters spelling out VALAK

    6. Redditor u/bobshiggelgrass noticed a continuity person on set who clearly deserves a raise, noting that Jason's beloved hockey mask keeps the same markings throughout the exhaustive Friday the 13th franchise.

    Paramount Pictures

    While many non-horror fans already know Jason isn't the killer in the first film, courtesy of Ghostface's trivia at the start of the original Scream, many non-horror fans still don't realize that Jason doesn't actually get his trademark hockey mask until the third film. My man was wearing a potato sack for a full movie and a half!

    Jason is smacked in the head with an axe

    Anyway, not long after our boy gets his signature look in the third film, he's slashed in the noggin with an axe. The mark of that axe remains on his mask in every subsequent film.

    Jason swings an axe through a window

    7. Jordan Peele is no stranger to referencing other beloved horror films in his work, and Redditor u/MrTBurbank caught this excellent staging similarity in Us!

    Universal Pictures

    In the film, the family friends of the Wilson's see their twin girls brutally murdered by their twin tethers, who leave their bloodied bodies strewn out in a hallway.

    Two murdered young women lay side by side on the floor

    This blocking is a direct reference to the twin girls in The Shining, who are revealed in a quick cut to have been brutally murdered by an axe. DO NOT COME PLAY WITH THEM, DANNY.

    Two murdered young girls lay side by side on the floor

    8. Redditor u/BichirsCanBreatheAir pointed out that the props department had quite a bit of work on their hands when designing Chucky in Child's Play.

    United Artists

    If you've never seen Child's Play, emotionally prepare yourself, because my explanation of the story is going to sound like I'm making things up: the series follows notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray who attempts to escape arrest (and, ya know, death) by performing a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a "Good Guy" doll. That's not just some terrible doll, it's a grown-ass man trapped inside a doll.

    A small child holds a Chucky doll

    So, as pointed out by the Redditor, it's a pretty cool detail that the longer Charles is trapped in this form, the more human-like the doll then becomes as his soul desperately attempts to escape it — plus, it also makes the doll look terrifying! Gross!

    Chucky in his full, terrifying form

    9. We love a little name-related Easter egg, and Redditor u/Str33twise84 found quite the meaning hidden in a mural in The Ring.


    The Ring is a supernatural horror film about the dangers of VHS tapes (jk, but kinda). It follows a journalist who's investigating a mysterious tape that sees its viewers die exactly seven days after watching it. It is later uncovered that this is caused by the vengeful ghost of a little girl named Samara who was brutally murdered.

    A young woman with long black hair sits in a chair

    As the Redditor notes, in one scene a Japanese maple tree is seen, and the fruit grown on that particular tree hints at the name of our antagonist. The "fruit" is actually a green to red long-winged seed, and they are, in fact, called "samaras." Samaras ripen between September and October and are scattered by the wind.

    Close-up of back-lit red maple seeds

    10. And speaking of trees, Redditor u/thejohnblog was quick to win the creepiest game of "What's different in this picture?" in this quick cut in Hereditary.


    After a tragic accident takes place in the film, there's a shot lingering on the family's home during the day, which then quickly cuts to night. Before the cut to night, you can see the house is fairly remote and inconspicuous, surrounded by lush trees.

    A house lit by the morning sun

    But, when it cuts to night, the house is surrounded by...something else, too. Things get real creepy real fast as (with the brightness raised, as we did here) you can see the home is now surrounded by naked cult members. No thanks!

    A house in the dark of night surrounded by naked people

    11. In a very subtle moment of foreshadowing via wardrobe, Redditor u/Mairess99 pointed out an interesting detail in Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu's (Matthew Lillard) choice of footwear in Scream.

    Dimension Films

    Billy and Stu are revealed at the end of the film to both be Ghostface, taking turns donning the mask and murdering and, at times, working together.

    Two men hold another man down

    In this scene, you can see that Billy and Stu have on matching pairs of black boots. They are the only two characters wearing these matching shoes, and these are the same shoes seen being worn by Ghostface later.

    A group of friends sit around, two of whom are wearing matching black boots

    12. And while we're looking at killers hidden in plain sight, Redditor u/UnlostHorizon spotted a familiar-looking doodle on John Kramer's hospital tray in Saw.

    Lions Gate Films

    In Saw, it's revealed toward the end of the film that seemingly sane cancer patient, John Kramer, was, in fact, the Jigsaw serial killer the entire time, and the creator of the many traps the police kept finding victims in.

    a woman with a dead contraption on her head

    This becomes clear with hindsight, as we see him doodling perhaps his most infamous trap — the reverse bear trap — in a notebook while sleeping at the hospital during his treatment.

    A man lies in a hospital bed with a bunch of drawings near him

    13. Heck, might as well keep talking about Saw, right? The next couple of Easter eggs are similar — but equally fun! And that's, of course, because the directors and writers behind the original Saw sure do love to play games (bu-dm-tss) by hiding Billy the Puppet in the background of their other films. First up, we have a chalk drawing of Mr. Billiam making an appearance in Insidious.


    The Insidious franchise was directed by James Wan and co-written by Wan and Leigh Whannell. Wan directed the original Saw, while Whannell co-wrote the film and starred as Adam.

    James Wan stands before his camera

    14. And Whannell continued this tradition when he himself began directing, hiding even more Billys in murals! FRIENDSHIP!

    Here's Billy the Puppet in Upgrade:

    Two men walk past a mural of Billy the puppet

    And here he is again in The Invisible Man:

    A cop looks back at a mural of Billy the Puppet

    15. And finally — in one of my favorite weird behind-the-scenes stories — Redditor u/Mairess99 noted some of the many back and forth references made between directors Sam Raimi and Wes Craven.

    VanguardNew Line Cinema

    The long history between these two horror directors and their communication back and forth through their films is a little convoluted — and, frankly, the kind of drama I LIVE for — so stay with me: back in 1977, Craven featured a torn Jaws poster in the background of a scene in his film, The Hills Have Eyes. Many interpreted this inclusion as less of a fun cameo and more as Craven's way of insinuating that Jaws wasn't actually all that scary in comparison to his own work. It was basically just a dig at Steven Spielberg.

    Two men stand in front of a Jaws poster

    Then, petty king, Raimi, decided to one-up Craven when making The Evil Dead, including a torn-up poster for The Hills Have Eyes in the background of one scene, saying of this choice: "There’s a torn-up poster of Jaws in The Hills Have Eyes, so I thought it would be funny to tear a The Hills Have Eyes poster into pieces in The Evil Dead, to tell Wes, 'No, this is the real horror, pal.'"

    A man holds a gun in front of a The Hills Have Eyes poster

    After this began an ALL OUT silent Easter egg war, in which each director would include a reference to the other's work in their ongoing films. This went on to include The Evil Dead being played on a TV in the background during A Nightmare on Elm Street and a Freddy Kruger glove being planted in the background of The Evil Dead II. In short: I love petty horror drama!

    Well, there you have it! Which horror movie detail and/or Easter egg is your all-time favorite? Do you know of any more not listed here? Share in the comments below!

    And, of course, H/T r/MovieDetails!