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Which Ridiculous Horror Movie Cliché Are You?

Why the heck are your running up the stairs when the front door is RIGHT THERE?!

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  1. It's 1 a.m. and your phone rings. You are not expecting a call and it is an unknown number. Do you answer it?

  2. Which of the following iconic horror movie villains do you believe you'd have the best shot at beating?

  3. Your friends come over for a slumber party and your least trustworthy friend brings over a Ouija board. Do you use it?

  4. Which iconic "Saw" trap do you know for a fact you would 100% NOT make it out of?

  5. Your entire family goes on a trip to a cabin in the woods for the weekend. In the basement, you find a strange-looking book. Do you read from it?

  6. Which non-horror movie moment is the scariest?

  7. You're home alone when, suddenly, you hear a loud BANG upstairs. Do you go up to investigate it?

  8. Which beloved final girl would you for sure be besties with?

  9. And finally — do you believe you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

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