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    21 Tweets That'll Make Anyone Headed Home For The Holidays Giggle

    I am an adult, but also I need my mommy at all times.

    1. This reason for the season:

    Karina Farek / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedComics

    2. This mommy's girl:

    When you're fully an adult and can fend for yourself but you go home for the holidays and all the sudden need your mommy to do everything.

    3. This unfair order:

    [Christmas party] "Ok let's open presents starting youngest to oldest" Grandpa: this is bullshit! Vampire: dude, seriously?

    4. This accurate visual depiction:

    5. This reason for disowning:

    SON: Dad, I'm gay. DAD: "Okay." SON: I also don't think Die Hard is a Christmas movie. DAD: "Get out of my house!"

    6. This unavoidable commentary:

    Shout out to everyone trying to hear a movie over their parents questions about the movie.

    7. This live fight footage (place your bets):

    The sibling rivalry over the Holidays is real 😼

    8. This passive password:

    How do you know you’re at your parents’ house? The wifi password is long, complicated & written on a scrap of paper no one can find.

    9. This family-time conversation(?):

    I forgot how much of family time is sitting around thinking of things to say while other people say their things they thought of

    10. This couple goal:

    I’ve learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life

    11. This confusing shower:

    extremely quick shout out to everyone trying to work with an unfamiliar shower this holiday season

    12. This gift that keeps on slippin':

    I love being home for Christmas where I receive a year’s worth of complaints in one day and am rewarded with a pair of slippers

    13. This gift(?) giving:

    Nothing like opening Christmas gifts to remind you that the people you're closest to in the world know absolutely nothing about you.

    14. This perfect depiction:

    15. This mother's love:

    "You can return it if you don't like it" - my mom, eight hundred times this morning

    16. And this father's love:

    The older you get the more holidays become about keeping your father off a ladder

    17. This Christmas horror film:

    May your days be merry and bright and may all of your "hey merry christmas!" texts be thirsty AF

    18. This A+ reference:

    When you're home from school and your parents try to tell you what you can and can't do

    19. This optimistic pessimism:

    Any tree can be a Christmas tree if you yell at your family around it.

    20. This small talk:

    "Hello relative. You look one year older than Christmas last year due to the progress of time. Here is your necessary gift." - Holiday talk

    21. And finally, this new heir to a fortune:

    One of my 4 nephews just brought me wine and said, "Here's your Christmas juice," and now he's the one I'm leaving everything to.

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