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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    Helen Mirren Messed Up Her Own Age On "Ellen," And Her Reaction Is Legitimately Adorable

    "I'm 72? This is fantastic!"

    Hi, in case you're new here, I worship at the church of Dame Helen Mirren.

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    She's an incredible actor, and overall just #Goals for life.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    So you can imagine my excitement when she stopped by Ellen's show this week to promote her new film, The Leisure Seeker.

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    The interview started out simple enough, with Ellen asking her if she'd go to the Royal Wedding.


    Which had the two of them joking about their connections to the Royal family, until the conversation turned to age.


    She then explained that she is six months older than her husband, and they both sometimes forget or completely mix up their ages, but she still couldn't move on without knowing THE TRUTH.


    Even the producers OFF-SCREEN had to scream over what her true age was.


    And her reaction to being a year younger than she thought was absolutely adorable.


    Do yourself a favor and just watch the whole video, it's fantastic.


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