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19 "Hamilton" Jokes For Anyone Who's Absolutely Obsessed With It

"Why do you rewatch this like you're running out of time?!" —My concerned roommates.

Look, unless you couldn't hear anything through all of the fireworks, you're aware that Hamilton was finally released on Disney+ this past Fourth of July weekend.

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So, with that in mind, I took the liberty of rounding up some of the silliest jokes and memes about the beloved Broadway show for those of us who've already rewatched it 10,000 times. You're welcome:

1. This perfect summation of the TRUE plot:

2. This excellent pun:

3. This conversation that probably happened (maybe):

4. This A+ meme use:

5. This genuine threat:

6. This line that you 100% read in Daveed Diggs' voice:

7. This scream-sing:

8. This song transition:

9. This compliment acceptance:

10. This modern twist:

11. This perfect visual:


12. This The Office crossover:

13. This guilty party:

14. This relationship rift:

Me singing every single word during #Hamilfilm v. My bf who has never listened to a single song

15. This clenched fist:

16. This multifaceted king:

get you a man who can do both #hamilfilm #mindhunter

Disney+/Patrick Harbron/Netflix

17. This confused brother:

18. This unchangeable mind:

19. And finally, this joke from the man himself:

Please, “Yo, it’s dude from Hamilton” is my father, call me Lin

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