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    The Final "Halloween Kills" Trailer Is Here, And Michael Myers Has Officially Pissed Off The Wrong Family

    *John Carpenter's piano theme intensifies in the distance.*

    Y'all, we are less than a month out from the release of Halloween Kills, the highly anticipated sequel to the confusingly named 2018 reboot of the 1978 classic, Halloween.

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    WHEW, now that was a sentence!

    Well, today we got our last official trailer for the movie. Honestly, you might want to sit down for this one, because it's INTENSE. No, really, just check it out for yourself:

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    You can also check out the other two official trailers here and here!

    The trailer opens with a scene in which a woman desperately tries to convince two very unbothered children that, hey, maybe don't be sittin' around eatin' candy outside while the very essence of evil is on the loose???

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    We then move to see a car full of characters being mercilessly stalked by Michael Myers — before being brutally murdered.

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    Then it's finally time for the Strodes, who learn in the hospital that Michael is still just as flame retardant as ever, and somehow survived the fire that Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) had trapped him in.

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    Laurie then gives an intense speech and we see a cool little montage of all the past characters from the franchise who're going to show up to help hunt Michael in this one.

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    Quick side note: shoutout to the sick Season of the Witch reference with the three masks in these shots. I see you!

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    Anyway, of course Michael is just trying to get back to his childhood home. Like, "the shape" may be pure evil incarnate, but he's still just a simple man with a one-track mind.

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    The trailer ends with Laurie delivering this incredibly badass line that made me clutch my metaphorical pearls and go, "Damn, Laurie! Okay!"

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    So, there ya have it! Be sure to check out Halloween Kills in all of its spooky scariness when it hits theaters and streams on Peacock on Oct. 15!

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