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    20 Florida Things Only People Who Grew Up There Will Understand

    It's a truly odd place, but hey, it's home.

    1. You're used to seeing arguably ~strange~ things in the news on a regular basis.

    CBS News / Via

    And when you hear about weird news, you automatically assume it happened in Florida.

    2. You know Publix subs are the only subs.

    Mark Batson / Via

    And that the Chicken Tender sub is the only way to go.

    3. And that YOUR Publix made the best subs in the state.

    Other Publix stores have weird lighting and air conditioning, but your Publix is perfect.

    4. Your yard looks like an actual safari to out-of-state visitors.

    Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

    Yes, that's Charlie the bobcat, he also lives here (and yes, I named him).

    5. You know to check the front door and surrounding area for frogs, lizards, and snakes so they don't get in the house.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    But they always seem to find a way in anyway.

    6. And you know to look at the ground when you walk on grass so you don't fully step in an ant farm.

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    No bare feet outside EVER.

    7. You can only measure distance to out-of-staters by how close you are to Disney World.


    "I'm from Port St., like, two hours south of Disney World."

    8. Or Miami.


    "I'm from Port St., like, two hours north of Miami."

    9. And yes, you've been to Disney World...a lot.


    You have this map, as well as the tram safety instructions (in English AND Spanish) memorized.

    10. So you know the formula to having the perfect Disney day.

    11. And you never forgot about Universal Studios, especially for Halloween Horror Nights.

    Universal Studios

    And the commercials for it FULLY gave you nightmares.

    12. You know not to touch the metal on your seat belt when you get into a car that's been in the sun.

    Universal Pictures

    You only have to burn your hand once to never do it again.

    13. You completely understand the humidity vs. frizzy hair struggle.


    You either wear it up all summer, or cut it TF off.

    14. And, if you wear make-up, you know that water-proof make-up is your best friend on the ~sweatiest~ days.

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    Urban Decay All-Nighter spray ALL DAY, honey.

    15. You don't find it strange that there are stores that literally only sell shells.

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    Plus, you needed it for your pet hermit crab.

    16. You say "up north" when referring to traditionally southern states like Georgia and Alabama...or, you know, northern Florida.

    #growingupfloridian Driving North for 8 hours and still being in the same state.

    The real north is just a myth.

    17. And you know the excitement of having a day off from school because of the hurricanes.



    18. You're more patient than your out-of-state friends when driving because you're used to snowbirds taking their sweet time on the road.

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    No tea, no shade.

    19. You understand that Mother Nature will never make up her mind, but that's her business.


    "Hey, grab an umbrella it's rain—oh wait, no, it stopped."

    20. And finally, because of this acceptance, extremely hot weather doesn't bother you like it bothers your ~weaker~ out-of-state friends.