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An Ode To Gigi From "Booksmart," The Single Best Character Of 2019

All of my prayer candles are just photos of Gigi.

1. The time she had the perfect entrance:

2. No really, name a better entrance:

Gigi’s entrance in Booksmart https://t.co/IuKpSIY9uq

Warner Bros.

3. It was truly iconic:

4. The time she revealed her darkest secret:

5. The time she was straight up just a younger version of an equally iconic character:

6. She's truly everyone and no one all at once:

billie lourd as gigi in booksmart is like sharpay evans on crack

7. And it's truly mesmerizing:

Alexis is just Gigi from Booksmart but grown up. https://t.co/OasUIQrBca

8. The time she was willing to defend her life-long friend of 20 seconds TO THE DEATH:

9. The time(s) she needed a nap, no matter the location:

10. The time she delivered this iconic line:

billie lourd saying “what the fuck jared? i said door to door” in booksmart > the entire godfather trilogy

11. The time she, somehow, beat Amy and Molly to every single party, assumably by doing this:

gigi off-camera in booksmart rushing to get to her next location

12. The time she was quick to fall in love:

13. The time she had VERY special strawberries:

14. The time she was a golden starfish:

i hope gigi from booksmart is having a nice day wherever she is and whatever she is doing

15. The time she was the friend every single one of us deserved:

16. The time she was the most loyal friend ever (unnecessarily):

17. Seriously, she truly has the best possible energy:

18. The time she was the most perceptive person in the whole movie about Molly's true feelings:

19. And the time she was, basically, God:

i pray to gigi from booksmart every night

In short, please give Gigi her own spin-off film or show like...right now, today. Okay, thanksss!