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    Gemini Season Is Upon Us, So Buckle The Heck Up And Enjoy These Jokes About Geminis

    *Rafiki voice* "IT IS TIME."

    Y'all, the time has come: IT'S OFFICIALLY GEMINI SEASON!!!

    So, with that in mind, we took to the depths of Twitter and Tumblr to round up some of the very best jokes and memes about the sheer chaos that are Geminis and compiled them into this easy-to-enjoy list! Ready? Okay, buckle up:

    1. This celebration(?):

    Good morning to Geminis only, it’s our season 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Twitter: @_taijutsu

    2. This mood board:

    The sun is officially in Gemini! HAPPY GEMINI SEASON 💛

    Twitter: @earthdombaby

    3. Oh, and this mood board, too:

    Twitter: @schiaplicious

    4. This accurate video:

    It's almost Gemini season and you know what that means

    Twitter: @yakfrost

    5. This dedication to the cause:

    Started my period on the first day of Gemini season because I bleed for my people

    Twitter: @notallgeminis

    6. This support group:


    Twitter: @mckenzielanham

    7. This inability to read:

    me: it's important to do some introspecting occasionally and figure out what you want gemini:

    Twitter: @that1librabitch

    8. This dichotomy:

    it’s mf Gemini season so, talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all!

    Twitter: @_najab

    9. This off-the-rails air sign:

    10. This personal attack:

    gemini placements and putting on a movie just to ignore it and continue using their phone

    Twitter: @mercurialaries

    11. This emergency call:

    Twitter: @Rude_Astrology

    12. This warning:

    13. This visual representation:

    a visual representation of gemini’s ignoring yall when you slander them:

    Twitter: @jeraniquesGLOSS

    14. This good company:

    HAPPY GEMINI SEASON!!!!!! 💛💐💛⭐️💝🌟🌝🌼🌙🐝

    Twitter: @lilyjjanet

    15. This storytelling:

    geminis unprovoked:

    Twitter: @gemsunaquamoon

    16. This air sign nonsense:

    17. This flip:

    The introvert Gemini side bringing out the extrovert Gemini side 😭🤣

    Twitter: @7HMoon

    18. This air sign confusion:

    19. This culture:

    Twitter: @poetastrologers

    20. This sign rage:

    21. This simple request:

    nobody: geminis: just do exactly what i say at all times & we shouldn’t have any problems 🥰

    Twitter: @_goldengirlx

    22. And finally — this all-encompassing meme:

    There ya have it! A very happy, very chaotic Gemini season to you and yours! OH! And, if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!