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    23 Mind-Blowing Facts That've Most Likely Never Occurred To You Before

    "Life is an STD with a 100% death rate."

    Have you ever had a random thought from out of absolutely nowhere that was, somehow, simultaneously true AND mind-blowing?

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    Well, that's EXACTLY why the subreddit r/Showerthoughts exists! So with that in mind, here a just a few of the most true, most random, most mind-boggling thoughts shared:

    1. "You’ve never technically watched a full movie because you are constantly blinking."


    2. "Bruce Wayne probably helps more people by being a billionaire philanthropist than he does by being Batman."


    3. "Moonlight is still sunlight."


    Black-and-white shot of the moon
    Jimmy Muto / Getty Images / 500px

    4. "Screaming 'YOLO' ('You only live once') would make more sense if you were doing something really safe, rather than something really dangerous."


    5. "The asteroid that ended the dinosaurs was technically the highest ratio of killing birds with one stone in Earth's history."


    6. "Writing a diary is considered 'sane' and 'respectable,' but talking to yourself out loud is considered 'bizarre.'"


    Person writing in a diary
    Grace Cary / Getty Images

    7. "At some point in your life, your parents put you down and never picked you up again."


    8. "Lifetime warranties really mean the company’s lifetime, not yours."


    9. "Eating leeches used in modern medical practices would be an ethical and safe way for a vampire to get human blood."


    Gloved person picking up a leech with long tweezers
    Maksim Ozerov / Getty Images

    10. "The voice in your head doesn't breathe."


    11. "Your eyes have blinked a different number of times, and you will never be able to get them the same with absolute certainty again."


    12. "Crushed ice is just ground water."


    Crushed ice close up
    Drbimages / Getty Images

    13. "Life is an STD with a 100% death rate."


    14. "If you went far enough north, eventually you’d be going south."


    15. "Tan lines make being nude look nuder."


    Person showing halter-top sunburned tan lines
    Apomares / Getty Images

    16. "The years seem to pass by more quickly as you're older because each passing year represents a smaller slice of your overall life than the previous one."


    17. "People will swim in the ocean, even though there are definitely corpses in it, but people will not swim in a pool with a single corpse in it. This means humans all have a corpse-to-water ratio that is acceptable for them to swim in."


    18. "If you don’t smoke pot because you’re afraid it’ll make you paranoid, you’re experiencing the side effect without even smoking."


    Weed buds
    Stephen Barnes / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    19. "If a sequel to a movie doesn’t have the same screenwriters or directors as the first movie, it’s basically just high-budget fanfiction."


    20. "There is a certain point in everyone's life where 'How high can you count?' changes from a matter of knowledge to a matter of will."


    21. "National parks are a reminder of what the country could’ve looked like if it weren’t for humans."


    Scenic photo of trees and mountains on a sunny day
    James O'Neil / Getty Images

    22. "As an identical triplet, you are simultaneously one of the rarest and most common people on the planet."


    23. And finally: "In hindsight, Simba running away after Mufasa died was a good move. If he'd come back without his dad after his whole 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King' song, he would've been a prime suspect."


    There ya have it! Which of these really got you thinking? Do you have a wild-but-true thought of your own? Share and blow some minds in the comments below!

    Oh, and be sure to check out r/Showerthoughts for even MORE great entries!

    Note: Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.