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    "Dune" Was Finally Released This Weekend, And The Reactions To It Are — Yeah, I'll Say It — Spicy

    Oscar Isaac's beard! Jason Momoa's shirt! WORMS!

    So, unless you're ~*living on another planet*~, you're aware that the highly anticipated sci-fi spectacle, Dune, finally came out this weekend in theaters and on HBO Max!

    Warner Bros.

    Anyway, you already know fans had all kinds of hilarious reactions to the visual masterpiece, so we took the depths of Twitter and Tumblr to round up just a few of the best for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Here we go:

    Also, given the nature of this post, there are some light SPOILERS AHEAD for Dune, so please proceed with caution!

    1. This plot summary:

    2. And this meme summation:

    Dune (2021) but only explaining it as memes #Dune

    Twitter: @chivesvibes

    3. This A+ wordplay:

    4. This real star:

    can’t stop thinking about the real star of #Dune

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @lilbirbs

    5. This piano fire:

    6. This memorable line:

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @StanChips

    7. This perfect crossover:

    Twitter: @niccolethurman

    8. This layered question:

    Twitter: @ashlynanarchy

    9. This beard admiration:

    " I'm going to watch Dune for the plot." The plot: #DuneMovie

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @hrhenneke

    10. This casting call:

    denis villeneuve’s casting for dune

    Twitter: @agvenes

    11. This Adele endorsement:

    When someone asks me what DUNE is about

    Twitter: @TomZohar

    12. And this review from the one and only Katya:

    I want Dune up my ass What a perfect movie 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @katya_zamo

    13. This accidental typecast:

    14. This screenshot that's definitely from the movie:

    The aesthetic, the world-building, the pulsing drama of Dune...truly incomparable

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @bealoayza

    15. This Ben Stiller confusion:

    I thought #Dune was only in theaters and just walked in on someone watching it in the kitchen.

    Twitter: @RedHourBen

    16. This cinematic parallel:

    Twitter: @BenYourHero

    17. This brief overview:

    18. This marketing genius:

    If I were marketing Dune I’d market the opening weekend by saying “the early birds get even more worm” and have extra worm footage first weekend only. Dont know why they didn’t consider this

    Twitter: @ChillStableGuy

    19. This lost reviewer:

    love this review of Dune that gave it half a star but only mentions the old Dune film

    Twitter: @meowmeowmia

    20. This bisexual panic:

    21. This dedication:

    me eating the spice so I can see Zendaya in my dreams #dune

    Twitter: @ju1cebyalex

    22. This worm appreciation:

    23. This estimate:

    no spoilers but jason momoa spends a lengthy scene in Dune sword-murdering people in a manbun and low-cut pirate shirt and I'd estimate that's the sexuality of about 80% of humanity -R

    Twitter: @OSPyoutube

    24. This call to spice up your life:

    25. This big brain:

    26. And finally — this demand:

    If Warner Bros. doesn’t announce this on Monday we riot. #Dune

    Twitter: @Danimalish

    So, I've got to ask — what did you think of Dune? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!

    Warner Bros.