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People Are Sharing Dumb AF Things They Believed As Kids And It's Honestly Hilarious

"I used to think the phrase 'drinking and driving' referred to ALL beverages."

So, we've all believed some pretty dumb things throughout the course of our lives, especially when we were young.

But today writer Ross McClearly REALLY opened the floodgates when he asked his Twitter following what the most ridiculous thing they believed as a kid was.

Where's that 'ridiculous things you believed as a kid' thread? Because I just remembered that I used to think the two teams on University Challenge were stacked one on top of the other like the way it's cut together.

And the responses did NOT disappoint. Here are just a few of the absolute best ones:

1. This childhood resentment.

2. This radio room.

3. This two tube mix-up.

4. This bowl of "serial."

5. This breastfeeding feast.

6. This pronunciation perfection.

7. This magic money.

8. This tragic way to die.

9. This moving misunderstanding.

10. This odd funeral choice.

11. This creepy belief.

12. This history lesson.

13. This foot fail.

14. This two-sided flat Earth.

15. This two-for-one mistake.

16. This full body tank.

17. And, finally, this law-abiding ridiculousness.

Did you believe any of these when you were younger? What's the most ridiculous thing YOU thought as a child? Sound off in the comments below!