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    People Have Revealed The "Dumbest" Things They've Ever Done, And It's Absolutely Hilarious

    "I had on a face mask, but wanted something for my eyes ... I thought lemons would be great."

    We recently took a look at a viral Reddit thread that saw otherwise intelligent people revealing the dumbest thing they'd ever done. These hilarious stories sparked even more great responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the absolute funniest confessions:

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    1. "I was checking out at Walmart and the cashier told me to 'Have a good night!' I replied with, 'You’re welcome!'"


    2. "In my high school classics class, I was handed a textbook and couldn't read the small I tried to zoom in on the textbook with my fingers like a phone or tablet. Not my finest moment."


    3. "I once tried to check if my electric stovetop was working by touching the burner. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but the good news is that the burns healed up just fine."



    4. "I'm a summer camp counselor and we went on a field trip to a water park recently. I was going up the stairs to get to a waterslide with my group, and I turned to my coworker and asked, 'Hey, how are we supposed to get back down from here?!'"


    5. "When I was in college, I decided to microwave leftovers for lunch (to save money). Instead of putting 30 seconds on the timer, I put 30 minutes and completely forgot about it. The fire department had to come in after my rice caught fire, and I got fined $100."


    6. "In my bathroom, the laundry hamper is right beside the trash can and both have lids on top. On more than one occasion, I’ve thrown my underwear out when I meant to put it in the hamper."


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    7. "I was at the doctor's office and I didn't have my phone, so I decided to look at a magazine. When I turned to a picture I liked, brain thought I was on Instagram and I seriously double-tapped the picture, trying to 'like' it."


    8. "On TWO separate occasions I've prepaid for gas and driven off without actually filling up. The first time it was because I was commuting over 60 miles to work each day and when I went to fill up that night I was so tired I forgot. The second time was in the middle of a six-hour solo road trip. Both of these incidents were within a month of each other."


    9. "I was meeting up with a couple of friends to get coffee. I parked the car, but when I tried to pull the key out from the ignition, the key was stuck. I tried to get it out for a while and even had my friends try to help me get it out. I got so desperate that I had to call my dad. He came rushing over from work and it turned out that the entire time, I had never actually put the car in park."


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    10. "I was doing an at-home face mask, but wanted something for my eyes, since I had forgotten to get an eye mask. I didn't have cucumbers, so for some reason, I thought lemons would be great to put on my eyes..."


    11. "I once went to pour myself a bowl of cereal...except I hadn't actually set the bowl out yet. Cheerios went all over the countertop. Nobody was there to witness it, but I still stood there wondering if it was all downhill from there for me."


    12. "I work at a grocery store where one of my jobs is collecting and putting back the abandoned carts. On MULTIPLE occasions after grabbing a cart, I'll go on autopilot and start grocery shopping for myself."


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    13. "I once didn't realize I put two of my contacts in one eye, then when I still had fuzzy vision in one eye, I assumed I dropped and/or lost the other contact and spent a LONG TIME looking for it before opening a brand-new one for no reason."


    14. "On my mom's birthday, I heard her talking on the phone to her sister (my aunt). She wished her a happy birthday and I got super excited, ran in the room, and said, 'OMG, you both have the same birthdays?!' My mom looked at me with the most disappointed look I’ve ever gotten. I had literally forgotten that my mom's a twin."


    15. "One time I got out of bed super late at night to get a drink. I took my phone with me to the kitchen for extra light and poured a glass of milk. I walked back up to my room and threw my phone on my bed...except it wasn't my phone, it was the glass of milk."



    16. "I have very poor vision and have to wear glasses at all times. On MULTIPLE occasions, I've gotten in the shower with my glasses still on and have had the conscious thought, 'Wow, my eyes are improving! I can see!'"


    17. "For years...literally YEARS, when I would see the marquees at restaurants with 'AYCE' or 'AUCE' written on them, I thought it was a special sauce. It wasn't until recently when I was reading a bulletin for a church that I realized those letters stood for 'All You Can Eat.'"


    18. "One night I was up reading some scary true stories (about serial killers, people who have disappeared, unsolved crimes, etc.). I was so tired that my eyes could barely stay open, but I was too scared to sleep. Suddenly, I felt something moving next to me, so I screamed. Halfway through my scream, I realized WHY there was something moving next to was my partner of many, many years."


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    19. "I quickly learned not to paint with a beverage too close to me after I drank the paint water instead of my juice one time."


    20. "At least once a month while I'm driving home, I'll start physically freaking out because I think I've lost my keys. Every single one of my keys are on the same lanyard as my car key."


    21. "I once asked my mom if we got a discount on our flight with Spirit because we have a phone plan with Sprint. In my defense, they are the same colors!"



    22. "I once seriously tried to take a picture of a song playing on the radio so that I could remember later. Turns out you can't take pictures of sounds."


    23. "I was bartending one night and we were all talking about polo. I told everyone that I didn't think water polo was very animal-friendly...because how could they know which horses liked to swim? I got a few blank stares before someone asked me how I thought water polo was played. That was the day I learned that water polo was definitely NOT played like regular polo, but in the water."


    All right, you've had your laughs...but now it's YOUR turn! What is the absolute DUMBEST thing you've ever caught yourself doing? Share your story in the comments below!


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