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Drake And Josh Reunited To Celebrate Josh's Baby News, And It's The Purest Thing


So, Drake & Josh was one of the best shows to ever air on Nickelodeon, don't @ me.

While the show itself was perfect, Drake Bell and Josh Peck's friendship has had its ups and downs over the years, given their mini-feud last year over Drake not being invited to Josh's wedding.

But it seems like all has been forgiven, as the two got together to celebrate some incredibly exciting news: Josh is going to be a father!

So that would make me? 1, 2, 3— Yup, roughly about nine million years old.

Anyway, the clip is included in a video Josh posted to his YouTube page, revealing the amazing news to all of his closest friends.

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Josh Peck / Via youtube.com

Drake comes in at around 11:39.

It was then quickly decided that Drake would OBVIOUSLY be "Uncle Drake" (though Josh wanted to go with "something cooler"), and that Drake will teach the baby how to play guitar.

"Will you have a kid soon so they can be friends and then have their own TV show?" Josh said, to which Drake responded, "Oh my god, that's brilliant."

And then Drake posted this adorable clip on his own Instagram shortly after, in which they referenced the ICONIC babysitting episode of Drake & Josh:

You know, the episode where that almost SHOOT A BABY OUT OF A CATAPULT AND ONTO A ROOF.

So yeah, that was the exact dose of nostalgia I needed today, and I will not settle until I receive the Drake, Josh, & a Baby spin-off that I thoroughly deserve.