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    This Photo Series Shows Disney Princesses Working IRL And Just OMG

    "Remember, you don't need a crown to change the world."

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney princesses would be doing career-wise IRL?

    Well, wonder no more thanks to this incredibly inspiring project by Ali Williams, a Los Angeles–based cosplayer with a pure love for all things Disney!

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    Ali Williams / Via

    "By taking away the sparkly ballgowns and magic, and putting these characters into modern day, they become more relatable," Williams told BuzzFeed in an email.

    So what exactly would the Disney princesses be doing in modern times? Well:

    "Snow White’s knack for finding the good in others and helping them be their best makes her an adept therapist," Williams explained on her site.

    "Now a Senator, Pocahontas is the first Native American woman to run for United States President."

    "Today Elsa is a disaster-relief architect, helping families rebuild after natural disasters."

    "Rapunzel's degree in child development enables her to help them reach beyond their towers."

    "After her first national bestseller, Belle travels the great wide somewhere working on her next novel."

    "Ariel travels the globe uncovering human things previously lost to history, and brings them back to museums."

    "Tiana, ever the pioneer in the culinary arts, pushes the envelope as a molecular gastronomist."

    "Anna’s optimistic perspective on romance and passion for adventure shines through her job as a destination wedding planner. "

    "Dancing through the courtroom with the grace of a princess, Aurora is a high-powered antitrust lawyer who needs no prince to help her challenge monopolizing corporations."

    Overall, this project is amazing and Williams hopes that these photos will inspire women to see themselves in their favorite Disney princesses.

    You can learn more about Ali's project here, or you can check out her other amazing cosplays on Instagram.