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    Posted on Oct 20, 2017

    It's International Sloth Day, So Disney Brought "Zootopia" To Life For Some Bored People At The DMV

    "Do you...have a supervisor?"

    It turns out Oct. 20 is International Sloth Day...a day when we can all acknowledge that sloths are the absolute cutest.


    Sure, they're slow moving, but the best things in life are worth waiting for!


    So, to celebrate, Disney brought the best scene in Zootopia to life for their Youtube series, Disney IRL, having sloths work at the DMV and...just watch the video.

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    Disney / Via

    The Youtube series, Disney IRL, asks the question: What would it be like if classic Disney moments came into our reality?

    Like just imagine, it's a normal day waiting in line at the DMV.


    Then *BAM*, a sloth is your attendant, just like Flash in Zootopia.


    Naturally, the reactions of the (previously bored out of their minds) kids is the best part.


    Though, I have to say, the confused adults were pretty hilarious, too.


    Anyway, time for me to go celebrate International Sloth Day by re-watching Zootopia for the thousandth time, bye.


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