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    19 Things That Are Too Real If You're Dating A Teacher

    My partner once yelled at me for speaking without raising my hand, true story.

    1. You are both sick, like, all the time.

    2. Weeknight dates are a myth.

    3. In fact, most weeknights involve the two of you cuddled on the couch, eating dinner, watching Food Network while they grade a billion papers.

    4. Speaking of grading, your home is filled with random stacks of papers you're not allowed to touch???

    5. They will accidentally use their "teacher voice" on you sometimes when you're arguing.

    6. They will not (and cannot) stay up past 10 p.m. no matter what.

    7. Which means you can expect them to be waking up every day at 6 a.m. or earlier.

    8. And yes, that DOES include weekends.

    9. And, even when you DO go out to a restaurant, they have to be EXTRA CAREFUL not to swear or be inappropriate...just in case a student is around.

    10. Also, you've learned NOT to attempt to ~get it on~ during midterms or finals week because the STRESS IS HIGH.

    11. But, on the positive side, you get to hear all that sweet insider teacher gossip.

    12. And you find yourself becoming REALLY invested in some (if not all) of their students.

    13. Plus, you get to read all of the goofy answers students write on their homework.

    14. And you come to terms with the fact that, to the students, YOU are the most mysterious and interesting person on Earth.

    15. Plus, the holidays are the best because you get so many random gifts.

    16. Though, from time to time, you do find yourself getting in fights with people who claim teachers are "overpaid" or "overpraised."

    17. Because you now understand that, contrary to popular belief, the school day DOESN'T end for them at 3 p.m. and summer ISN'T a free for all.

    18. And you get to see the genuine impact they have on the lives of the students they teach.

    19. And finally, you take pride in knowing that no one's partner is as hard-working or as badass as your teacher.