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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    Chris Hemsworth Sharing This Story About His Son Injuring Himself Is Honestly The Most Dad Thing You'll See All Week

    "This will be a funny story at the end!"

    We're all familiar with Chris Hemsworth, right?

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    God of thunder on screen, god of everyone's ~down under~ off screen.

    Well, on top of being a very talented actor, Hemsworth is also a devoted husband and dad of three.

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    And, when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, he treated us to a hilarious story about his 3-year-old's rebellious nature.

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    The interview started out simple enough, with Hemsworth joking about how one of his sons likes to try to pick up the replica of Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, which Hemsworth keeps in his bathroom.


    But the conversation quickly turned to how this particular son always likes to prove just how similar to his athletic father he can be.


    Hemsworth revealed that one time, while filming the last Avengers film, his son tried to do a barrel roll out of a golf cart, but didn't quite stick the landing.


    And, though his wife wanted to take his son to the doctor right away, Hemsworth thought there was really nothing to worry about.


    Classic dad.

    Still, they ultimately decided to bring him in and...let's just say that was definitely the RIGHT call.


    But the good news is, after four weeks of having a cast on, the little guy finally got a redemption moment.


    And Hemsworth couldn't have had a prouder dad-face.


    So there you have it, if they ever need a child actor to play a young Thor, I think we know who to call.


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