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    Chris Hemsworth Joked About Being Left Out Of The "Free Guy" Cameos, And Ryan Reynolds Responded In The Most Ryan Reynolds Way Possible

    Thor and Deadpool, at it again!

    Y'all, Free Guy's been out for a couple of weeks now, so you probably already know all about the fun cameo appearances in the film — BUT, JUST IN CASE YOU DON'T, there will be SPOILERS in this post!

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    Leave now or be spoiled!!!

    Everyone who doesn't want to be spoiled gone?! OK, excellent! SO ANYWAY, there are a virtual buttload of fun cameos in this movie, one of the most surprising (and hilarious) being Chris Evans during a Captain America–related segment.

    Chris Evans at the premier of Avengers' Endgame
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    And this week the film's star, Ryan Reynolds, posted a photo carousel to Instagram, which included various behind-the-scenes pics of those who had hands in the project, including Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, and John Krasinski.

    "This movie is about friendship," he wrote in the caption. "And friendship is, at its simplest, just showing up. While I don’t have photos of everyone, here’s to all the incredible pals who showed up for this film. #FreeGuy 👕."

    Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

    However, one person who did NOT have a cameo in the movie, nor a photo on the carousel, was the God of Thunder from Down Under, Mr. Chris Hemsworth.

    Jun Sato / WireImage / Getty Images

    And he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was feelin' ~sassy~ about being left out, leaving this comment on the post:

    "No worries mate, least I could do, BFFs"
    Ryan Reynolds / Instagram

    To which Ryan responded in the most Ryan way possible, because of course he did:

    "Evans said you weren't 'camera ready' whatever that means"
    Ryan Reynolds / Instagram

    Now, this is OF COURSE not the first time our boys here got into a lil' spat. If you remember, they got into it during the infamous trash-talking of last year's charity Superhero Fantasy Football League, in which Ryan recruited his own mother to brutally troll Chris.

    To my fellow @agboleague superhero fantasy football players. I don’t trash talk. Even if it’s “required”. Even if it benefits the astounding work of @sickkids hospital. Disparaging others isn’t what heroes do. I was raised to treat friends with respect. #ChrisHevansprine.

    Ryan Reynolds

    Chris then "trolled" him back on Instagram. It was not as effective, but just as hilarious!

    So, uh, yeah — there ya have it! The rivalry(?) continues! Now onto more urgent matters...Deadpool cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder, please please PLEASE???

    20th Century Studios

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