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People Are Sharing "Cheat Codes" For Everyday Life And, TBH, They're Brilliant

Up, up, down, down, BE KIND TO PEOPLE, left, right, left, right.

In a lot of ways, real life is kind of like a video game. And, as with any good video game, real life definitely has it's own "cheat codes."

And this week, when Reddit user Sun_Zuu asked, "What are some 'cheat codes' you've found in the game of life?", the answers proved to be surprisingly pure and brilliant.

So, here are just a few of the most advanced IRL cheat codes to raise you up a level or two:

1. "If you have no complaints about your food/service at a restaurant, ask to see the manager and pay a compliment. Usually people want to see a manager to complain, so a compliment is nearly always welcome. I've gotten countless free drinks/appetizers/money off my bill — all for just making a polite comment to management."


2. "If you admit you're wrong and make changes to whatever it is that you're wrong about, people will respect and appreciate you more."


3. "I am an assistant teacher in a preschool. Asking if kids can use their 'sitting muscles' and 'listening muscles' during circle time makes the kids want to show me how 'strong' they are."


4. "Walk with a purpose. For some reason, people think you're busy and you don't get hassled."


5. "No one stops a guy or girl carrying a pizza. It can get you backstage to concerts."


6. "Hide ice cream or popsicles inside an empty resealable vegetable bag from Costco. Your kids will have no idea they’re there, and you can disperse them accordingly or hog them for yourself without them knowing."


7. "If you ask someone if they know ALL the words to 'I’m a Little Teapot,' around 80% of the people you ask will start singing it."


8. "The correct response to any compliment is 'Thank you.' You can then follow it up with a comment if you'd like to continue the conversation. If someone likes your dress? 'Thank you, it has pockets!' If someone compliments your art? 'Thank you, I've been practicing.' Not only does it make you seem confident and self-assured, it tells them that they are right!"


9. "You don’t have to always 'give away the recipe.' By that I mean don’t over explain yourself. If you can’t do something, it’s okay to simply say, 'Unfortunately I’m not able to do that.' Over-explaining just ends up looking more suspect than simply being clear and concise."


10. "As an adult you can tell almost any kid who is running to stop running and they will."


11. "When someone says something true, say 'you’re right,' NOT 'I know.' It will make them feel better, and you’ve still shown everyone how awfully clever you are."


12. "When married, don't stop treating your significant other like you did when you were trying to win them over. It's a great way to show them you're still as infatuated with them as you were when you first met."


13. "Under-promise and over-perform. Say you'll achieve less than you think you will, and then do more and EVERYONE will be impressed."


14. "Set the 'Do not disturb' feature on your phone to turn on from 10pm-7am. You will sleep so much better without constant notifications from emails, games, or your mother-in-law who wants to send a group message at midnight because she is in a different time zone."


15. "Once you unlock the ‘not giving a fuck about other people’s thoughts’ code, you basically double your mana indefinitely."


16. "Best cheat code I ever got was a word of advice from my dad: 'Don't go out and try to make friends. Instead, go out and don't make enemies.'"


Do YOU know of any "cheat codes" that have worked to improve your life? Share your best in the comments below!

Some thread entries have been edited for length or clarity. H/T Reddit.