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    13 Wholesome Stories About Celebrities Getting Star-Struck By Other Celebrities

    Turns out celebs are just as awkward as the rest of us.

    1. Adam Scott meeting Mark Hamill:

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    Anyone who's a life-long fan of Star Wars would be tickled to come face to face with Mark Hamill — aka Mr. Luke Skywalker himself — but Scott was SO excited when surprised with this interaction on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he begin physically shaking. Despite his obvious nerves, he still managed to get out the simple sentence: "This really is one of the best moments of my life."

    2. Sarah Paulson meeting Rihanna:

    NBC / Via

    The two filmed an ENTIRE movie together, but that didn't stop Paulson from remaining incredibly star-struck by Rihanna before, after, and DURING the filming of Ocean's 8. "I was just deeply nerdy and even Sandra [Bullock] would turn to me and be like 'dial it down,'" said Paulson. "Rihanna gives great side-eye, so the minute she does it, you're like 'I'm really sorry.'"

    3. Chrissy Teigen meeting Beyoncé:

    NBC / Via

    It truly does not matter who you are or how cool you think you WILL be awkward when meeting Beyoncé. This was absolutely the case for super-cool and relatable icon, Chrissy Teigen. "I took both her hands, got down on my knees and said, 'Sorry to bother you, my Queen,'" said Tiegen. "Meanwhile, John [Legend] was, like, high-fiving Jay-Z."

    4. Kelly Clarkson meeting Meryl Streep:

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    E! / Via

    When in the presence of movie goddess, Meryl Steep, Clarkson was literally all of us. Standing a-top a gorgeous red staircase, Clarkson nearly almost fell down at the sight of Streep while shouting, "OH MY GOD, CAN I MEET YOU?!" and leaving Ryan Seacrest and her interview in the dust.

    5. Also, Kelly Clarkson meeting Cher:

    Extra / Via

    "I hear Cher...she's right behind me right now," Clarkson said. "No, I've never met her! I'm totally fine...I'm fine." Clarkson — clearly NOT fine — was so nervous and excited that she literally could NOT stop talking. "Let's stop talking about Cher, let's move past it. You know what it was? I was sweating like a pig this morning and...OH HI!" And, in that moment, Clarkson met Cher and cemented her place in hilarious celeb-meeting-celeb history.

    6. Adele meeting Jennifer Aniston:

    BBC One / Via

    While appearing on The Graham Norton Show Adele, a life-long Friends fan, gushed over the best bathroom interaction of her life. "I went for a wee with Jennifer Aniston," Adele said. "Her security wouldn't let me in, but she was like, 'no, you can come in!' and through the cubicle she said, 'How are you, honey?' And I accidentally called her 'Rachel,' I said, 'I'm fine, thank you 'Rachel!'"

    7. Emilia Clarke meeting Matt LeBlanc:

    BBC One / Via

    Another Friends fan encounter! The Mother of Dragons found herself gushing over Matt LeBlanc (aka Joey from Friends) when the two met on The Graham Norton Show, and it was delightful. The group on the couch was told to "scoot closer together" and you could see how nervous Clarke was to be in such close proximity to her childhood crush. "I'm actually blushing," Clarke said. "I...I just think you're wicked!"

    8. Jennifer Lawrence meeting Jeff Bridges:

    Extra / Via

    In the behind-the-scenes video clip for EXTRA, Lawrence is seen sneaking up to Bridges while he's being interviewed before turning and straight-up RUNNING away. She's too late, however, as he spotted her and called her back over. Completely out of breath from running away, Lawrence hugged Bridges and said, "Hi, I'm such a huge fan! Oh my god, I'm so sorry...there's cameras everywhere." The reporter then handed Lawrence the microphone, allowing her to take-over the interview.

    9. Diane Keaton meeting Justin Bieber:

    NBC / Via

    While sipping on wine from a regular glass with ice cubes, Keaton revealed that she had a full-on crush on Bieber. "I like that boy," Keaton said. "Do you think he'd go on a date with me?" This, of course, is when Ellen revealed that Keaton could simply ask him herself by bringing him out to surprise her in a hilariously pure fangirl moment.

    10. Also, Sophie Turner meeting Justin Bieber:

    CBS / Via

    "I've always loved Justin Bieber, and then I met him once when we [Turner and her husband, Joe Jonas] were in Miami," Turner said. "And I was TOLD that Justin was there, so we walked upstairs and we were getting a tour of the house and he was upstairs, shirtless, getting a head massage and I was like, 'Oh my god...nice to met you!' I played it cool, but then I ran into a closet after and cried for like five minutes."

    11. Nicki Minaj meeting Lauryn Hill:

    12. Taylor Swift meeting Justin Timberlake:


    In maybe one of the most memorable celeb-meets-fan-who-is-also-a-celeb moments, a VERY young and new to the scene Taylor Swift was surprised on Ellen's show with her childhood crush, Justin Timberlake, mere moments after shading Joe Jonas for breaking up with her on the phone. "This makes it ALL better," Swift said. "We've...we've all been there, Taylor," Timberlake responded.

    13. And finally, Jason Momoa meeting his WIFE, Lisa Bonet:

    CBS / Via

    "Ever since I was eight years old and I saw her on TV, I was like, 'Mommy, I want THAT one.'" Momoa said. "I had always wanted to meet her, she was a queen to me, always. We met at this jazz club and it just happened to be a right place, right time [thing]. We had mutual friends, and I was with my friend and she introduced herself like, 'Hi, I'm Lisa.' and I turned around and screamed. Fucking fireworks went off inside of me, man."

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