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    Robert Pattinson Looked Absolutely Adorable In This Video Meeting The One And Only Cardi B

    "I felt like a teen!"

    So, Cardi B has been having a hell of a couple of weeks with regards to meeting famous gentlemen that she positively STANS.

    Cardi performing onstage in a leather leotard

    ICYMI, she recently declared her love for Netflix's massive hit show, You, and connected with Joe Goldberg himself — Penn Badgley — forming an unlikely, albeit hilarious, internet friendship.

    How Joe found my new house adress ?😳😳

    Twitter: @iamcardib

    Like, at the time of our writing this post, her Twitter profile pic is literally of Penn in the show, and his profile pic is of her. Iconic behavior.

    Anyway, now she gets to add Batman to the list of famous fellas she's befriended recently, after she shared this positively delightful video of herself hanging out with Robert Pattinson at an event:

    Look who I met the other day ! I felt like a teen!

    Cardi B / Via Twitter: @iamcardib

    The video — which is, quite literally, five seconds long — shows the rapper fixing her hair before excitedly saying, "Come on, look at my friend, guys!"

    R-Patz then makes his debut, smiling a goofy smile while Cardi screams in excitement — confirming that she is, in fact, Team Edward.

    "Look who I met the other day!" she wrote in the tweet. "I felt like a teen!"

    Also, like...can we talk about this man's dorky-ass smile and tongue-bite for a second? Obsessed:

    Anyway, you already KNOW fans were quick to react to the adorable video:

    @iamcardib SHE’S SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR YO 😭😭 as famous as she is it’s still so cute to see her excited meeting other famous people 🥺😭❤️

    Twitter: @TheeReal_Joe

    With some pulling her old tweets out as a reminder of her ~affection~ for vampires:

    Cardi B / Via Twitter: @phuckyourbadgal

    While others saw this as the perfect opportunity to merge her two most recent interests together via A+ memes:

    @iamcardib Is he the one? Tell me are you into him? But it’s okay. You probably don’t know all the things he has done. All the things he had done to his previous GF Bella. Yes, you don’t know. But I am gonna show you. I gonna fix YOU.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Ronimn0

    And that's that! From now on, the "B" in "Cardi B" legally stands for "Bella," and no, we will not be taking any further questions at this time.