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    Carol And Thor's Scene In The New "Avengers: Endgame" Trailer Is Easily The Best Part

    The only thing that's going to be snapping is THANOS' BODY IN HALF.

    So Avengers: Endgame finally has a full-length trailer, and I've watched it approximately 12 million times in the past six hours.

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    And, while there were a bunch of moments to obsess over, the stand-out scene is, easily, the interaction between Mr. God of Thunder from Down Under, Thor, and Ms. Literal Atomic Bomb, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

    Marvel Studios

    Basically, Thor approaches Carol in a menacing manner before summoning the all-mighty Stormbreaker. The weapon literally SWOOSHES past her face and you better believe she doesn't even FLINCH.

    Marvel Studios

    Instead, she gives Thor a "...and you are?" look, which immediately renders the god with no choice but to admit he likes her style.

    Marvel Studios

    Seriously, these two ARE THE STRONGEST AVENGERS. Two babes whose lives were turned UPSIDE-DOWN by the Tesseract, uniting to snap Thanos' farm-living butt in half.

    Marvel Studios

    And I am, of course, not the only fan to christen this interaction one of the best in the franchises' history. Here are just a few of the funniest reactions to their meeting:

    1. This perfect description:

    Thanos when Thor and Captain marvel run up on him while he’s farming #AvengersEndgame

    2. This video reenactment:

    Thanos running away after seeing Thor and Carol team up in #AvengersEndgame

    3. This friendship monologue:

    thor 3 seconds after he met carol #AvengersEndgame

    4. This accurate reaction:

    Carol and Thor laughing at Nat training with a gun to go against thanos

    5. This dream scene:

    honestly who wants to bet that they all make carol try to lift thor’s hammer and she’s like “what?? this tiny thing??” and she just fucking deadlifts it like a GOD and thor’s just

    6. This OTHER dream scene:

    broke: i ship thor and carol woke: thor will introduce carol to valkyrie and be like “now kiss”

    7. No seriously, please make this happen:

    alright, give me carol x valkyrie now. thor is the wingman.

    8. This Lord of the Lesbians:

    thor took one look at carol, felt her lesbian energy and instantly went "i like this one"

    9. This song and dance:

    Carol Danvers and Thor meeting in Endgame, knowing they're the most powerful bitches in the universe

    10. This power stance:

    Thor and Carol after meeting for 5 seconds #AvengersEndgame

    11. This Marvel Studios pitch:

    And help I already want a buddy cop movie with Thor and Carol #AvengersEndgame

    12. This undeniable truth:

    13. And finally, this accurate representation of the overall experience:

    me watching the endgame trailer vs me watching the thor and carol scene

    So, how hype are you for Avengers: Endgame? What was YOUR favorite part of the new trailer? Share in the comments below!

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