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    31 Hilarious Jokes About Broadway Shows That Are Music To My Ears

    You know we're mostly just dunkin' on Cats in here.

    Hi, I'm Allie, and I love musicals. That's it. Unabashedly. Unironically. I love them. They are the ~comfort thing~ that I go to whenever I am sad.*

    Another thing I love? Excellent jokes! So, I took to Tumblr to round up some of the funniest, silliest, delightful-est(?) jokes and memes about a few of my favorite musicals to curate into this easy-to-enjoy list! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This simple question:

    2. This encore performance:

    3. This hand-washing reprise:

    4. This Audrey III:

    5. This new obsession:

    6. This A+ TikTok:

    7. This timely meme:

    8. This simple solution:

    9. This "confusion":

    10. This...child:

    11. This ultimate friend group:

    12. This ENERGY:

    13. This The Office crossover:

    14. And this OTHER The Office crossover:

    15. This expert meme use:

    16. This peak:

    17. This switch:

    18. This perfect depiction:

    19. This absolute steal of a deal:

    20. This apt summation:

    21. This actor confusion:

    22. And this presidential surprise:

    23. This murder motive:

    24. This genre aesthetic:

    25. This fuckin' lie:

    26. Oh, AND this fuckin' lie:

    27. This gravity-defying exit:

    28. This picture you can hear:

    29. This rule reasoning:

    30. This one thing:

    31. And finally — this obvious explanation:

    What's your favorite Broadway musical? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And, if you enjoyed what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Tumblr to make your timeline a more fun place to be!