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    26 Reactions To Boba Fett Showing Up And Wrecking Absolutely Everyone In "The Mandalorian"

    Alexa, play MC Chris's "Fett's Vette" for the next month, please.

    2020 has been a questionable year at best, but one single TV show has continued to water my crops, clear my skin, and pay my student loans on time*: The Mandalorian on Disney+.

    And this week may just have been the episode to end all episodes...which is saying A LOT because we recently got live-action Ahsoka Tano. Anyway, we FINALLY got to see Boba Fett back in action after 30+ years and, without exaggerating, he kicked POSITIVELY. ALL. OF. THE. BUTT. EVER.

    So — with that in mind — I took the liberty of rounding up all of the absolute BEST reactions to his epic return from Twitter and Tumblr to compile for your viewing pleasure into this easy-to-enjoy list! Let's go:

    1. This change of heart:

    my thoughts on my thoughts on boba fett every boba fett day of my life after watching until watching the mandalorian the mandalorian chapter 14 chapter 14

    2. This exquisite use of music:

    3. This real regret:

    Me having to take back all the shit I’ve talked about boba fett after watching last nights episode and kind of liking him

    4. This deserved thirst:

    5. This quoted quote:

    Boba Fett: “I’m just a simple man making his way through the galaxy.” Us: #TheMandalorian

    6. This video depiction:

    Original Trilogy fanboys to the rest of the Star Wars community after seeing boba Fett kick ass: #Mandalorian

    7. This groove gotten back:

    Boba Fett after getting his armor back from the Razor Crest in #TheMandalorian

    8. This scene that definitely happened:

    Boba Fett: i want my armor back The Mandalorian: over my dead body Boba Fett: please The Mandalorian: okay The Mandalorian: also i love you

    9. This accurate representation:

    Mando and Fennec watching Boba Fett kill every stormtrooper: #Mandalorian

    10. This liar revealed:

    11. This genuine terror:

    The Stormtroopers when Boba Fett starts shooting at them with his fucking knee

    12. This undivided attention:

    13. This Mandalorian respect(?):

    din djarin in the background watching boba fett go off on those stromtroopers

    14. This A+ gif use:

    Mando and Boba Fett #TheMandolorian

    15. This beautiful direction:

    16. This (im)patient fandom:

    Favreau and Filoni: *delivering for Ahsoka and Boba Fett fans in #TheMandalorian * Luke Skywalker Fans:

    17. This perfect reference:

    Boba Fett when someone else has taken possession of his bescar armor

    18. This forever fan:

    mfw people are saying Boba Fett is cool now

    19. This gift to the world:

    cat vibing to boba fett’s theme bc i need it

    20. This badass bringer-backer:

    21. This meme master:

    22. This growing circle:

    23. This exact same photo:

    24. This undeniable truth:

    25. This fair demand:

    26. And finally — this summation of events:

    How do you feel about Boba Fett's big return? Do you also have a huge crush on him, or is it just me? Share your feelings in the comments below! Also, be sure to click through and follow your fave creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!!!