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Blake Lively Is Unrecognizable In The Haunting AF Trailer For "All I See Is You"

Further proof that children singing in the background of anything is creepy.

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We all know and love Blake Lively, right?

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She's talented, she's beautiful, and she's one half of one of the best couples in Hollywood.

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And a new trailer for her upcoming thriller, All I See Is You, was just released and...well, just watch.

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It's haunting AF, right???

Open Road Films

So Lively plays Gina, a blind woman who's completely dependent on her husband.

Open Road Films

Her husband, played by Jason Clarke, is more than content with their lives as is.

Open Road Films

That is, until she receives a complex surgery giving her sight for the first time in her life.

Open Road Films

This life-changing event seems to disrupt the peace of their relationship...

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...and, quite literally, changes the way they view each other.

Open Road Films
Open Road Films

This film promises to be a chilling romantic thriller, coming just in time for the ~spooky season~.

Open Road Films

This one hits theaters Oct. 27, 2017!

Open Road Films
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