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    "Black Widow" Is Finally Out And Fans Have A Lot Of Thoughts About It

    Our newest entry in the "M.C.P.S.D.U." (Marvel Cinematic Perfect Sibling Dynamic Universe).

    Y'ALL — Black Widow finally came out this weekend, and we just !!!!!!

    So, with that in mind, we took to the depths of Twitter to round up some of the absolute best reactions to the long-awaited stand-alone feature, and compiled them into this easy-to-enjoy list for your viewing pleasure!

    But first — a loving, only mildly aggressive WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Black Widow ahead in several of these reactions. If you have not seen the movie yet, please proceed at your own risk, or click away now!

    Everyone who doesn't want to be spoiled gone?! Excellent! Here we go:

    1. This before and after:

    Twitter: @neriipiche

    2. This understood assignment:

    I think we can all agree that Florence Pugh as Yelena absolutely understood the assignment #BlackWidow

    Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection / Twitter: @noradominick

    3. This apt summation:

    #BlackWidow me at the end of me after the #BlackWidow post-credit scene

    Twitter: @AgentKristina22

    4. This pose practice:

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - Nobody : Me at home for no reason :

    Twitter: @gamoraxa

    5. This therapy topic:

    #BlackWidow *SPOILERS* - - - - - - - marvel you're paying my next therapy session

    Twitter: @namesmargo

    6. This "get in, losers" moment:


    Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection / Twitter: @natashasmygem

    7. This busy week for MCU fans:

    This week is actually Marvel week but we didn't know😭. #Loki #WhatIf #BlackWidow

    Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. / Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection / Twitter: @eternalswilson

    8. This daddy confusion:

    Me when I Me when it took Saw the taskmaster The mask off #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @missywimbush

    9. And these daddy issues:

    #BlackWidow yelena 🤝 loki youngest sibling w daddy issues

    Twitter: @viliansupremacy

    10. This single complaint:

    the only complaint I have about the black widow movie is that it ends

    Twitter: @rovmanova

    11. This expert video use:

    cw // #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - Yelena to Clint in the post credit scene:

    Twitter: @cjnathaniel_

    12. This escalation:

    me having fun me after watching watching the #blackwidow post credit scene

    Melinda Podor / Getty Images / Twitter: @moonchildloki

    13. This mirror image:

    me when rachel weisz, florence pugh and scarlett johansson in black widow

    Twitter: @witherspvon

    14. This concern:

    #BlackWidow “you’re a trained killer” “we’re both trained killers” the cashier:

    Twitter: @louontape

    15. This undying support:

    #BlackWidow spoilers . . . . . . . . Me during the entire Hawkeye series rooting for Yelena

    Twitter: @RubbishWriter00

    16. This new faves list:

    My two new favorite blondes #Loki #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @wandasolsen

    17. This accurate visual:

    me watching rachel weisz in #blackwidow

    Twitter: @filmshahn

    18. This simple guide:

    / #blackwidow spoilers - - - - - - “cool ways to die”, a guide by yelena belova

    Twitter: @widoworth

    19. This smile:

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - - - the fact that we saw nat truly smiling in this movie more than in the entire mcu

    Twitter: @alee_romanoff

    20. This proof that Marvel must hate us:

    Someone at marvel studios really hates us 😭💔 #blackwidow #Loki

    Twitter: @DailyMarvelMeme

    21. And finally — this proclamation:

    don't stop at a black widow movie. let's do a black widow trilogy. black widow cinematic universe. black widow theme park. black widow island. black widow planet.

    Twitter: @POlNTBRE4K

    There ya have it! What did you think of Black Widow?! Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun, nerdy place to be!