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    Updated on Jul 29, 2019. Posted on Jun 3, 2019

    The New "Lion King" Trailer Finally Shows Us Beyoncé As Nala And, Of Course, It's Perfect

    Oh, and there's a bunch of new footage, too.

    Hello, hi, howdy! I interrupt your Monday to announce that Beyoncé — yes, Beyoncé — has finally posted an official look at her as Nala in The Lion King and I'm losing my gosh darn mind over it:

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    Y'all, let me just walk you through how I — a die-hard Lion King fan since I was three years old (you know, when it CAME OUT) — experienced this teaser, because I went through A LOT of emotions over its 30-second runtime.


    Oh look, more absolutely beautiful shots of African landscape — WAIT, I know that VOICE.


    Holy heck, it's Beyoncé! Here's some live footage of me at my desk:


    (This joke will never be old, and you can't change my mind.)

    Nalayoncé? Beylion? Who cares, she's finally here in all her sultry-toned glory giving the EYES to Simba!


    I can see what's happening! And they don't have a clue!!!


    Wait...wait, the trailer is still going? There's MORE??? Is that — footage from the final fiery fight for Pride Rock?! OH MY GAWSH.


    Okay cool, there's the title card. I'm going to calm down now because, surely, this is all they're going to show us — JUST KIDDING, SURPRISE END FOOTAGE OF BILLY EICHNER AND SETH ROGEN FINALLY SPEAKING AS TIMON AND PUMBAA!


    Naturally, I wasn't the only fan hyped as all heck over this new footage:

    Beyoncé: Simb- The pride lands:

    I mean, we all already know what Beyoncé sounds like, but it doesn't change how cool it is to finally see her bring Nala to life:

    here's beyoncé saying "come home" on a loop, retweet for clear skin 😌

    So be sure to catch The Lion King when it ~roars~ into theaters July 19, 2019. In the meantime, I'm going to try and calm down by taking Timon's advice from the original film:


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