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19 Becky Lynch Moments That Prove 2019 Was, In Fact, The Year Of "The Man"

*"Celtic Invasion" blares softly in the distance.*

1. The time she kicked off the New Year by calling out John Cena on Smackdown Live on behalf of literally ALL OF US:

2. When she convinced the powers that be to put her in Royal Rumble 2019 after Lana was injured:

3. And the time she stood up (literally) to Charlotte Flair at Royal Rumble 2019:

4. And the time she WON Royal Rumble 2019, guaranteeing her a spot in Wrestlemania 2019:

5. The time she showed Stone Cold just what she's made of while appearing as a guest on his new show, Straight Up Steve Austin:

6. The time she and The Rock united to make newly-crowned King of the Ring, Baron Corbin, feel like a big ol' S.T.D. on Smackdown Live's premiere on FOX:

7. The time her nose literally got broken during Smackdown Live, resulting in a real-life concussion, but she handled it like the actual icon she is:

8. Speaking of photos I'd like to frame...The time that, well, THIS happened:

9. Which was a result of the time she got into an altercation with Ronda Rousey on RAW before facing her at Wrestlemania 2019:

10. The time THE MAN stepped in on behalf of HER MAN, Seth Rollins:

Me after several drinks when I think someone's coming onto my partner at a bar, but really they're just, like, being friendly — JK, I'm very weak.

11. And the time she and Seth kicked all kinds of butt at Stomping Grounds, and she slapped all kinds of butt to celebrate:

Also me, TBH.

12. PLUS — the time they were on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine, and it was absolutely EVERYTHING:

13. i WiLl Go DoWn WiTh ThIs ShIp, I wOn'T pUt My HaNdS uP aNd SuRrEnDeR:

14. Anyway — speaking of covers — the time she was the first WWE superstar to grace the cover of ESPN magazine:

15. AND the time she was on the cover of WWE 2K20 alongside Mr. The Big Dog/This Is My Yard himself, Roman Reigns:

16. When she and Charlotte Flair teamed up to put a damper on Sasha Banks' reign on RAW:

17. The time she said this and I found my will to live again for a full 10 minutes:

18. That time she — oh, ya know — co-headlined the first ever all-women's main event at Wrestlemania 2019:

19. And finally — of course — the time she won BOTH belts at WrestleMania 2019 to cement her legacy as "Becky Two Belts":