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    Updated on Aug 26, 2019. Posted on Aug 24, 2019

    An "Avengers" Themed Land Is Coming To Disney Parks Around The World, And I Already Love It 3000

    "Avengers Assemble (in the FastPass line)!" — Captain America, probably.

    When it was first announced that Disney Parks would be creating a "Star Wars"-themed land, Marvel fans everywhere were like...hey, when is OUR turn?

    Marvel Studios

    Well, true believers, do I have some AMAZING news for you!

    Marvel Studios

    BuzzFeed was at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim this week, where someone must have been reading my diary...because Disney announced "Avengers Campus" — an Avengers-themed land coming to Disney Parks around the world.

    Marvel Studios

    While it's been known for a while that plans for a Marvel section in the Disney California Adventure park were in the works around the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride, it was confirmed that variations on this land will be popping up in several other Disney park locations.

    D23 Expo/ Walt Disney World

    The concept behind the themed-land is that the Avengers have set up hubs around the globe to help them recruit and train new you'll literally be able to assemble with the Avengers!

    D23 Expo/ Walt Disney World

    These "campuses" — currently planned for Disneyland in both Anaheim, CA and Paris, France — will be tied together through the magic of Disney storytelling and theming, and will tell a larger tale, intertwining all of the rides together, not unlike the films in the MCU themselves.

    Joshua Sudock / Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

    "When guests visit Avengers Campus, they will become part of an interconnected, global story that spans from California to Paris to Hong Kong with the Avengers recruiting new extraordinary people to join them," Disney Parks Blog said.

    Marvel Studios/ Disneyland Paris

    So, in short...just take all of my money now, all right, Marvel Studios? Okay, thanks, byeee.

    Marvel Studios

    Also, y'all better have a shwarma stand...

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