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    22 Funny Jokes About The Ridiculous Area 51 Storm

    "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us."

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    Remember when someone made a Facebook event titled, "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us?" Well, that event was scheduled for Sept. 20, 2019, which just so happens to be TODAY. So Twitter is having a lot of fun with it, using the hashtag #Area51storm. Here are a few of the best jokes:


    if you ever feel like you're not special, just remember that the earth is 4.5 billion years old yet somehow you managed to live at the same time as the Area 51 raid #Area51storm


    Area 51 guards 250k suicidal guards thinking millennials it was a joke storming the base #Area51storm


    The aliens wondering when they’ll be set free as they watch millennials get tased #Area51storm


    Area 51 raiders not realizing that the government actually know all of this so they move the aliens to area 52 #Area51storm


    #Area51storm i still cant believe people went through with this. 😂


    Me coming onto twitter and seeing our depressed ass generation actually at Area 51 #Area51storm


    AREA 51 GUARDS : It is annoying that every year they try the same RAIDERS: What are you talking about? This is the first time we tried to storm Area 51 AREA 51 GUARDS: #Area51storm


    The government watching everyone storming Area 51 after they moved the aliens to Area 52 #Area51storm


    everybody waiting for the Area 51 results #Area51storm


    #Area51storm The guy who started the area 51 raid group sitting at home like


    Every US officer at area 51 right now: #Area51storm


    Me inside Area 51 with my alien doing a freestyle so they can let us go #Area51storm


    Time Traveler: What are u doing? Me: getting ready to run area 51 Time Traveler: Oh, the area 51 massacre is today? #Area51storm


    me leaving the area 51 storm with knowing how many licks it took to get to the center of a toosie roll pop #Area51storm


    How i imagined the area 51 raid vs how it really was 🙃#LiveFromTheArea51Raid #area51storm


    #Area51storm me rn because my mom wouldn't let me go to the Area 51 raid because I have school today


    Teachers in 2150: “describe the significance of this image” The image: #Area51storm


    #Area51storm Me: “wait, if there’s an Area 51, does that mean there’s also Areas 1 through 50” The US Government:


    So today our generation is split between fighting for the climate and storming area 51 #Area51storm


    My siblings after I bring home my favorite alien from Area 51 #Area51storm


    “i want to get in let me talk to your manager” #Area51storm


    "I'M READY!" #Area51storm

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