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It's Time To Argue Over Whether Or Not These 19 Song Lyrics Are Cringey

It's a thin line between "cringey" and "catchy."

Earlier this year, we took a look (twice) at a viral Reddit thread that asked, "What's a terrible lyric in an otherwise great song?" and all of their ~controversial~ answers sparked an ongoing debate — but now the time has come to settle it!

The rules here are simple: We will present you with song lyrics that some believe are "terrible" or "cringey," and you will tell us if you agree or disagree* with them. Then, we will reveal how your opinions stacked up against others, and you can all fight about it in the comments below! Sound good? Good! Here we go:

*We will also have a third option to be used if you've never heard the song to keep the ratings fair!

How do your opinions stack up against everyone else's? Which "cringey" lyric do you secretly love? Share in the comments below!

Oh! And for more debatably "cringey" song lyrics, be sure to check out the lists here and here!