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Apparently Mario Is No Longer A Plumber And The Internet Is Not Taking It Well

Mamma mia?!

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Well, over the holiday weekend, Nintendo Everything reported, upon inspecting the character profiles on the official Japanese website, that apparently plumbing is a thing of Mario's past.


According to Nintendo Everything, this translates to "All around sporty, whether it’s tennis or baseball, soccer or car racing, he [Mario] does everything cool. As a matter of fact, he also seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago…"


So...this is news to me? I mean, I always assumed with the overalls and hat and everything they were still in the business? Oh well, I'm sure the internet is taking this fine.

Nintendo’s Japanese website says Mario isn’t a plumber any longer

LOL yeah, no.

Us: Good morning! It's a beautiful day! Nintendo: Mario is no longer a plumber. Us:

Some people were quick to point out that it does say he WAS a plumber at one time, and he could still hone those skills.

Maybe not professionally but come on guys, you don’t just unlearn a skill like that because you play tennis and shit

They literally fixed a pipe with tools on screen in Super Mario 3D World. Plumbers. Recent. CANON! C'mon Nintendo!


Don't worry, fellow guards of Mario canon, Nintendo says Mario WAS a plumber but isn't one any longer. His characte…

While others questioned everything they knew about the game (and maybe life itself).

This actually made me think. Have any of the Mario games had a scene that involves you having to do actual plumber…

Then why is he dressed like one?!


And some people were just there for the thrill of it all.

Imagine if Mario was your actual plumber though. Come back from making him a cup of tea and find him jumping on your pet tortoise. Liability

The guy that's spent the past 34 years being the Mushroom Kingdom's savior didn't return to his old job? Shocking.

If Mario isn’t a plumber anymore, does he drive cars now? Is this what Mario Kart 8 was preparing us for? “It’s-a me, your Uber driver!”