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17 More "Among Us" Jokes That Are So Funny, They're Getting More Sus By The Second

The game that gives you literal impostor syndrome.

We recently took a look at some of the very best jokes and memes the interwebs had to offer regarding everyone's current gaming obsession: Among Us.

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Well, the game has only gotten MORE popular and MORE addictive since then, so we went searching through the deepest depths of Twitter and Tumblr AGAIN to find MORE the silliest jokes and memes about the game to compile into another easy-to-enjoy list! Here we go:

1. This accurate comparison:

“just shut up man” “will you shut up” “okay clown” this isn’t the presidential debate this is an among us chatroom fight

2. This Parks & Rec crossover:

3. This important announcement:

waiting for someone to report my dead body on among us

4. This A+ visual representation:

5. This genuine pain:

Getting called “sus” in Among us is a different type of pain. Especially when you’re innocent

6. This love story:

7. This true test of friendship:

Friends playing among us: "I HATE YOU ALL!!" "HOW COULD YOU BREAK MY TRUST LIKE THAT WE'RE THROUGH!!" *8 screeching voices at once* "I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!" "YOU IDIOTS" *someone starts crying* Friend group immediately after: Wow that was fun, you guys wanna go another round

8. This accidental alibi:

9. This innocent bystander:

10. This unspoken rule:

11. This genuine impostor syndrome:

12. This turn of events:

13. This sweet, sweet child:

14. This price of victory:

15. This rookie mistake:

16. This cruel framing:

17. And finally — this SpongeBob SquarePants official meme:

they've been among us the whole time

You can check out our first Among Us joke roundup here, and be sure to check out Among Us for yourself! Also, if you like what you see here, click through and follow your favorite accounts on Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more hilarious, fun places to be!

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