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"American Horror Story: Cult" Unleashed A Swarm Of Teasers This Week Because This Week Wasn't Disturbing Enough On Its Own

"You know what this country needs? More Clowns and Bees." - An AHS Producer, probably.

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And in today's round-up of things that make you say "Hey, No Thanks": American Horror Story was incredibly active on Twitter this week, unveiling a whole bunch of new visuals for the upcoming season.


"Clowns and bees? For Fall? ...Groundbreaking" (But no, really, it's horrifying).

Among the biggest newness this week, we were treated to this *lovely* teaser poster:

Be of like mind. The official poster for #AHSCult is here.

Hive mind, bee brain.


But if videos are more your speed, how about this Gentleman from my nightmares:

You've been waiting for us. Your first task begins now: #AHSCult

Or this terrifying slumber party:

Wyd girl, runnn:

I certainly don't remember ordering this bath bomb from Hell:

We're just beneath the surface... #AHSCult