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We Know Your Best And Worst Quality Based Solely On What Mixers You Pair With These Alcohols

My mixer of choice is usually the expired orange juice in my fridge, but okay.

The rules here are simple: Based on the generic type of alcohol listed, choose your favorite mixer (or — if your favorite mixer is not listed — choose the one that is closest to the one you'd typically make/order, and yell at me in the comments). Once you've mixed all your drinks, we'll let you know your best AND worst quality with creepy accuracy:

Also, drink responsibly!

  1. Vodka

    a_namenko/Getty Images
  2. Whiskey

    MaximFesenko/Getty Images
  3. Gin

    keira01/Getty Images
  4. Tequila

    nerudol/Getty Images
  5. Cognac

    lenakorzh/Getty Images
  6. Sake

    kuppa_rock/Getty Images
  7. Irish Cream Liqueur

    Moussa81/Getty Images
  8. And finally — Rum

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