Adam Driver Accidentally Saved Ben Affleck's Son's Birthday, And You've Got To Hear The Story

    "BEN!" —Han Solo and also Adam Driver, maybe.

    ICYMI, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver are starring in an aggressively medieval Ridley Scott movie* together that's sure to be a masterpiece (because they're great actors, but also because of the hairstyles).

    And this week, when Ben stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about his upcoming film The Way Back, he spoke a little about working with Adam, which led to him sharing what may be the sweetest story I've ever heard:

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    The story begins at roughly the 7:35 mark, but the whole interview is delightful!

    Ben began by expressing how incredibly important it is for him as a divorced dad to spend as much time as he can with his 8-year-old son, Sam, and how he tries to never miss his birthday, even scheduling all of his shooting dates around it.

    He then made a point to emphasize how important Star Wars is to Sam, and how — when his son found out he'd be working alongside THE Kylo Ren (Adam) in a film — his mind was like the Death Star I and II: positively blown.

    So, naturally, Ben asked Adam to record a birthday video for Sam before taking off from France — where they were shooting together — to return to America for the birthday party.

    However, this is where the story takes an unfortunate turn: Upon arriving in America after a stressful trip, Ben learned that NONE of the presents he had bought for his son would arrive in time...

    ...But there was no need to worry, since a certain Space Prince sent some signed merch over in his place.

    And — let me just say — the way Ben gets genuinely choked up while talking about how much this meant to him is almost too sweet for me to enjoy on a weekday.

    Ben ended the tale by positing that the true moral of the story was: Do small acts of kindness for others. As he pointed out, what likely took a few moments of Adam's time meant absolutely everything to him and his son.

    So, uh, yeah. There ya have it. Do nice things. Be kind people. Also, no, there's not something in my eye! There's...there's something in YOUR eye! Go wash it out! OKAY, GOOD DAY TO YOU.