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19 Of The Absolute Silliest Tweets About The 2020 Oscars

"I'd like to thank the 'retweet' button..."

In case you missed it, the 2020 Oscars aired this weekend and — as usual — Twitter had MANY hilarious reactions to absolutely every part of them. So, here are just a few tweets about the Oscars that are so good, they deserve an award of their own:

1. This accurate depiction of all of us:

me in my bed judging each and every #Oscars outfit as if i'm a fashion expert

2. This gorgeous photobomb:

faviorte moment of the night goes to timothee chalamet photobombing margot robbie 😩 #oscars

3. This dedicated Florence Pugh stan:

me stealing an oscar for florence after she loses #Oscars

4. This undeniable truth about the opening number:

Everyone in the front rows wondering who’s gonna have to LALALALA into the mic next #Oscars

5. No, really...Brad Pitt was quaking:

Brad Pitt is literally all is us when the professor looks at you but you don’t know the answer to their question #Oscars

6. This hilarious reference:

Joe Pesci skipped the Oscars because he decided to watch at...home alone. #Oscars

7. This award winner for "Handsomest Hug":

The most handsome hug in recorded human history. #Oscars

8. This incredible cosplay:

Not familiar with the Pokémon Gym that Timothy is representing. #Oscars

9. This confused cameraman:

i feel bad for the cameraman, i know its a hard job to stay steady seeing such beauty in front of you😂 #Oscars

10. This IRL emoji use:

when i type this emoji “🥴” this is what i mean #Oscars

11. No seriously y'all, this is already a meme:

#Oscars when I see my friend talk to my enemy

12. This surprise performance reaction:

The entire #Oscars crowd when they brought out Eminem to perform “Lose Yourself” for unknown reasons.

13. This hilarious response from none other than Katharine McPhee:

That surprise appearance from Eminem...#Oscars

14. This mix-up:

Everyone trying to figure out the difference between sound editing and sound mixing at the #Oscars

15. This never-ending nightmare:

my two sleep paralysis demons at 4am #Oscars

16. This video game starting screen:

your custom made characters in the video game cutscene: #Oscars

17. This visual reinterpretation of Joaquin Phoenix's speech:

Joaquin explaining milk to the audience

18. This whole mood:

19. And finally, this aged baby:

You at the beginning of the #Oscars vs you at the end of the #Oscars

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