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    17 Hilarious Tweets About The 4th Of July You'll Probably Enjoy More Than That Burnt Hot Dog

    "WELCOME TO EARTH!" —The Declaration of Independence, probably.

    Y'all, it's the 4th of July, so you already know what time it is!!!

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    It's time to eat burnt hot dogs from the grill, flinch every time you think you might hear a firework, quote the cinematic classic Independence Day to anyone who'll listen, and read some funny-as-heck tweets about the holiday!

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    Wait — am I doing the 4th of July wrong?

    So, with that in mind, we took to Twitter to roundup up some of the very best jokes about the holiday, and compiled them into this easy-to-enjoy list for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Okay, here we go:

    1. This fair question:

    4th of July plans? What am i, a fraternity

    Twitter: @annabel_meschke

    2. This The Office crossover:

    July 4th, 1776 British: just saying you're independent doesn't make it true Thomas Jefferson:

    Twitter: @Bigcashballin

    3. This A+ pun:

    break up with him on the Fourth of July, call that a Declaration of Independence

    Twitter: @charlottefayep

    4. This very good boy:

    he's scared of the fireworks so my mom put on some dog videos for him ❤️

    Twitter: @spaghemily

    5. This realization:

    what if dogs hate fireworks bc they’re afraid of symbolic displays of imperialism

    Twitter: @northstardoll

    6. This reason for the season:

    Happy Fourth of July to America’s Ass and America’s Ass only

    Twitter: @TeamCapsicle

    7. This costar silliness:

    Twitter: @MarkRuffalo

    8. This romantic(?) proposition:

    the 4th of July coming up but I rather see our sparks fly instead

    Twitter: @alanoperezz

    9. This similarity:

    me my dog 🤝 uncomfortable celebrating the fourth of july

    Twitter: @MNateShyamalan

    10. This classic:

    Tomorrow is July 4th, and I want everyone to be safe out there. Enjoy your fireworks, and remember to put it in reverse, Terry. Put it in reverse.

    Twitter: @HendrixMonae

    11. This Conan classic:

    Just found out that every Fourth of July, the British celebrate, "We Dodged a Bullet Day."

    Twitter: @ConanOBrien

    12. This friend group:

    None of my friends will go watch fireworks on the 4th of July. It’s probably because all of my friends are dogs.

    Twitter: @dmc1138

    13. This anniversary:

    We should all be celebrating #4thofJuly for America, but we should also celebrate the 100th anniversary of this crazy party.

    Album / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @EliasToufexis

    14. This spreading of holiday cheer:

    Spread patriotic spirit by telling the barista your name is "USA" and hiding. When they say your name, watch as Starbucks begins chanting

    Twitter: @brendohare

    15. This moment we can all count on:

    ☆。★。☆。★ 。☆。☆ 。★ 。 ★。\|/。★ 100% of firework displays end with someone's mom saying "is that it?" ★。/|\ °★ 。☆。☆ ° ☆。 ☆。 ★。☆ °★

    Twitter: @sageboggs

    16. This visual representation:

    “What’s your 4th of July plans?” Me: 🙆‍♂️😂🎉

    Twitter: @MackBeckyComedy

    17. And finally — this excellent list:

    Here's a list of the best fireworks to buy this 4th of July! - none of them - stop that

    Twitter: @NEHumaneSociety

    So there ya have it! Happy 4th of July to you and yours!!! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun, silly place to be!