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    21 Movies And TV Shows Parents Wouldn't Let Their Kids Watch For Weird AF Reasons

    "I wasn’t allowed to watch 'The Lion King' because my mom didn’t like premeditated murder."

    We asked pop culture lovers in our BuzzFeed Community what random movies or TV shows their parents would absolutely NOT allow them to watch growing up, and why. Here are some of the most ~restrictive~ responses:

    1. The Little Mermaid

    2. The Fairly Odd Parents

    3. Power Rangers

    4. Harry Potter

    5. That's So Raven

    6. The Lion King

    7. No Disney films, period.

    8. Titanic

    9. The Teletubbies

    10. Veggie Tales

    11. Hercules

    12. Pokémon

    13. One Tree Hill

    14. Lizzie McGuire

    15. Friends

    16. Mulan

    17. The Sound of Music

    18. Powerpuff Girls

    19. The Wizard of Oz

    20. SpongeBob SquarePants

    21. No TV, period.

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