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16 Funny As Heck Tweets About The 2019 Emmy Awards

Awards! Outfits! Speeches! The colors red and pink!

1. This actual art:

2. This truly excellent shade:

3. This distinct color palette:

“Can I copy your homework?” “Yes but don’t make it obvious” “Ok” #Emmys

4. This incorrect camera use:

I should have put this on photo. #Emmys

5. This undeniable truth:

Breaking news: Emilia Clarke will not be attending the Emmy Awards as she has been hospitalised for severe back injuries from carrying GOT S8 on her back.

6. This example of "life reflecting art":

For anyone who adored Veep will realise that Julia Louis-Dreyfus not winning and making Emmy history is the most Veep/Selina Meyer thing to happen #Emmys

7. This perfect outfit description:

Kendall Jenner’s ensemble looks like when you get the sex toys almost hidden in the sofa because your mom dropped by unannounced. #Emmys

8. This new sexuality:

Natasha Lyonne cheering on Phoebe Waller-Bridge is my sexuality. #Emmys

9. This ignored(?) king:

So they made bran KING and he’s not even up there with them? #Emmys

10. This hungover bear:

The voice of Paddington just said “I’m hungover” on worldwide TV. We have no choice but to stan. #Emmys

11. This expert meme use:

"I'm sorry to this man" - Me during the last three awards #Emmys

12. This proud mama:

Tag yourself: I’M PHOEBE BEING A PROUD MOM😭💕 #Emmys

13. This questionable win:

*Game of Thrones somehow wins Best Drama* Everyone: #Emmys

14. This British invasion:

The amount of British actors winning 👀#Emmys

15. This song cover:

I swear every time they start playing the Game of Thrones theme, this is all I can think about #emmys

16. And finally, this callback:

Narrator: Michael Bluth was not even aware he was nominated. #Emmys