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    18 Moments You've Only Experienced If People Find You "Intimidating"

    When you look pure evil, but you're really only KINDA evil.

    1. When people constantly ask you if you're "angry" or "upset," but that's just the way your

    2. And when you smile it generally frightens people MORE.

    3. When people PHYSICALLY clear out of the way when you walk past them.

    4. Or completely avert their eyes when you walk into a room.

    5. When people are scared to ask you simple questions because they fear your inevitably blunt answer.

    6. When people mistake your dark sense of humor/sarcasm for you just being a dick.

    7. When people who know you well ADMIT they didn't like you when you first met.

    8. When your "frightening" reputation enters a room long before you ever do.

    9. When someone refers to you as "aggressive."

    10. Or "confrontational."

    11. Or "scary," but you're just here to get shit done.

    12. When your confidence is confused for arrogance.

    13. When you refuse to suffer fools, so the fools think you're "mean."

    14. When people look at you for your reaction during shitty situations, assuming you'll be the one to lose it.

    15. Because, during high-stress moments, your friend's know you can handle anything thrown your way.

    16. When the only animal people ever compare you to is a cat.

    17. When you struggle to flirt with people because they assume you already hate them.

    18. Still, everything considered, you wouldn't change a thing about yourself...because you're a badass.