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15 Tweets About Cutting Your Own Bangs That'll Make You Laugh, Then Cringe

"Regrets, I have a few, but then again...most of them are hair-related." - Frank Sinatra, probably.

1. This personal crisis.

I wouldn't quite say I'm going thru a crisis but I did just cut my own bangs without a second thought

2. This poor choice of venue.

I just cut my own fringe. In my bathroom that has no light. I just cut my own fringe in the dark is what I’m sayi…

3. This element of (no) surprise.

Dno why i constantly cut my own fringe n then act surprised when it looks shit

4. This disappointed Mother.

Me: *walks into my mums room* Me: "I just cut my own fringe" Mum: *spits water out everywhere*

5. This perfect quaff

Zach Galifianakis' hair in Masterminds is like a slightly better version of that time I cut my own fringe

6. This achievement.

Me: In high school I was voted most likely to cut my own bangs with safety scissors. Interviewer: I meant any professional achievements.

7. This bowl-shaped beauty.

When you cut your own fringe.... 🤦🏻‍♀️

8. This preemptive response.

if you see me in the next week or two yes I did cut my own fringe and no I wasn't paying much attention at the time

9. This excellent use of a .gif.

I lock eyes with her across a crowded bar and give a knowing nod. Mistakes have been made. Me: I see you cut your…

10. This defiance of time and space.

11. This poll.

am I qualified enough to cut my own bangs

12. This smart wine-drinker.

Last night I had 3 glasses of wine and almost CUT MY OWN BANGS!Next time I drink I'm hiding the scissors from my self

13. This hazard.

I almost stab myself in the eye trying to cut my own bangs

14. This inner conflict.

Me: I really shouldn't cut my own fringe. Also me: Here's the scissors.

15. And finally, this proclamation to always remember.

lesson of the day: never try to cut your own bangs. ever. never ever

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